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Published: 21 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have personally known Lucas ‘LUKE’ Stoioff for most of my adult life. At one point I considered him a dear friend but I have been mistreated by this professional con man and scam artist for too long. The reason that he is such as good poker player is because he is a pathological LIAR. He will promise the world and is a great talker but also screws everyone over that he can to make a buck. He will back stab his best friend if he can profit or get positive publicity for it. This manifesto is to let the world know the real person, not the fake persona that LUCAS ‘ LUKE ‘ Stoioff presents. Lucas ‘luke’ stoioff was born and raised in the suberbs of Chicago with a very well off family. Since his daddy (David Stoioff) is a powerful states attorney he believes that he is untouchable and walks around and treats people like he is. His parents have paid for EVERYTHING he has down to his cloths and watch. While going to high school at GLENBROOK NORTH HIGH SCHOOL in NORTHBROOK ILLINOIS he was picked on and beat up a lot. His dad, David Stoioff had to join the school board to make sure Luke was ‘taken care of’. He always thought he was popular but he was not. It was very sad. He went on to go to Loyola University in New Orleans and The John Marshall Law School. He got into some trouble while young by committing a horrible fraud and theft on a local business, his first job, DAIRY QUEEN, which he stole all of their money and left the owners having to lose their home and everything they worked their entire life for. Lucas ‘LUKE’ Stoioff was investigated by the police and FBI for this but because of his fathers power and influence he was able to keep it under wraps and completely get off. Once he decided to be a club promoter (HYPEWISE Entertainment marketing group he started to gain popularity with girls because he could get them into the clubs and give them free drinks and DRUGS. FRAUD! – This was really the start of his fraudulent and life of crime. He finally realized how integral DRUGS are within the industry. He started with Pot and slowly moved to cocaine, which was his favorite, until he was introduced to METHAMPHETAMINES- (METH or Glass). This is why he has lost so much weight in the past few years. No one really knows that he does it because he is a PROFESSIONAL at hiding it but most of the time he is high. Clearly that is why he has so much energy. Its not passion its GLASS (shabu). LUKE STOIOFF is not the actual owner of the businesses themselves but he is HIRED as a MANAGER because the investors, who really own the actual business didn’t trust them. They are the fake FRONT MEN and face and for that they do manage the daily operations and earn a small salary. I have personally seen him change inventory records and take the inventory items for himself as well as simply write checks to people for ‘consulting’ services or other FAKE SCAMS and FRAUDULENT activities from the company that never happened. At one point I was given a commission for ‘keeping quiet’ when LUCAS ‘LUKE’ STOIOFF stole over $200,000.00 from one of his partners. This is just some of the examples but there are many more. I have seen him buy stolen goods, KNOWNING THAT THEY ARE STOLEN, and use them at bull and bear and public house but charge the businesses the full amount and pocket the difference. He constantly steal from the company and their Boss, the owner without him knowing. Since luke is a very educated and smart individual he is very good at covering his tracks. He knows where the cameras are and more importantly, where they are not. He pays off his other managers to keep quiet and other people that know about it stay quiet because he gives them free stuff. It’s a HUGE FRAUD. Lucas ‘luke’ stoioff deserves to be in prison. To my knowledge he has personally STOLEN and pocketed over $300,000.00 CASH. I really do not want to name names but to prove the validity of this post I will name just one. LUCAS ‘LUKE’ STOIOFF was business partners and BEST FRIENDS with another acquaintance of mine, Christopher Dexter from Icon Liquors. Chris was LUCAS ‘LUKE’ STOIOFF’s mentor and really brought him from a petty club promoter with a nepolian complex into club management. He tought him everything and luke started to learn the LEGITIMATE life and stray away from his fraud. The problem is that Chris trusted LUCAS ‘LUKE’ STOIOFF too much. LUCAS ‘LUKE’ STOIOFF Stabbed Chris in the back by personally stealing over $200,000.00 CASH. LUCAS ‘LUKE’ STOIOFF TOOK THE MONEY FROM THE COMPANY ACCOUNT AND SPENT IT. THEN WHEN CHRIS SUED HIM HE HAD HIS DAD DOCTOR UP SOME DOCUMENTS TO do what every good attorney (his dad) does and create counter allegations; these allegations were COMPLETELY FRAUDULENT AND FAKE. LUCAS ‘LUKE’ STOIOFF simply did this to keep the money that he STOLE. It was a very smart idea because he didn’t get cought and he had a really good attorney so he was even able to keep the money. EVEN THOUGH there was mounds of evidence PROVING, without a shadow of doubt ,that LUKE Stole the money. This is just a brief overview of LUCAS ‘LUKE’ STOIOFF and his fraudulent acts. I wanted to make sure that the world knows exactly what a monster he is and MAKES SURE NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH HIM OR EVER GIVE HIM ANY MONEY NO MATTER WHAT. “The trouble with being punctual, is that nobody is there to appreciate it.” Luke, its time that you admit your sins and come clean to the world.

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