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Published: 22 January 2018

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THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISCOVER 1.Discover’s incentive program doesn’t just need help; it needs a psychiatrist. Schizophrenic. Not on its meds. 2. Recruitors will tell you that Discover is not a micro-managed job, but they will micro manage every hair on your a** & will try to go up from there. 3.Recruiters will tell you that your incentives are not tied to quality management. Listen up , people: only 2 mistakes in one month and you lose ALL of your incentive . It is common at Discover to find reps with 100+ sales/month who make NO incentive-nope not a penny. 4. Discover gives misinformation to its employees. Or it will omit something like not telling you that a drug test will be administered to you when you bring them documents for hiring. Bushwhackers. Lots of sleight of hand. 5.There are LISTS of mistakes you can make that can lose you your incentive in any given month. So you better not be human. You can lose your incentive because quality management does not like your TONE as you make a sale!! 6.This is a scripted job without a script. The things you can lose your money over are not even all written down. Reps lose their incentive over things they never even heard of before. Quality management makes up the rules as they go. 7.Hard to believe? 8.Lower management will tell you to do/say something and then YOU lose your money because quality management decides that THAT is not the way they like it said/done. 9.The strong or more fortunate employees are all looking for other jobs. 10.What IS a joke is the constant things you are told from the recruiter’s interview to the day to day shift that will never happen, that are the opposite of the reality of the job, that are not backed up by the reality of the job, that management will deny they ever said or insist you heard so they can brow beat you or take away your money. 11.Discover has nice people on the floor but VERY unreasonable people in upper management who rule like a Gestapo. THESE are the troublemakers, those in upper management. 12.And it’s not just one department. In the halls, passing employees from all the different departments consistently talk about how they lost their incentives for minor things. 13.The result is Employees feel obligated to leave a company that does such unfair practices against its employees. 14.There’s a lot more that would fill many pages if all written down. 15.You get the idea. 16.Discover is one big defect. .

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