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Published: 10 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I contacted Alan Alford from Divorce Fast to apply for Mexican Divorce on 15th of October 2014. I enquired via emails if the Divorce Decree will be recognized internationally as i was not a resident in Mexico or US; he assured me yes it will and told me to fill out the forms and proceed with payments (via paypal to Fresh Pond Associates, LLC), so we can start the divorce procedures. I was having issues to proceed with the payments and there were delays… On 7th of November 2014 all payments went through (Amount – $995 for Mexican Divorce + $500 for Apostille = $1495). After that he sent me an email – (Receipt is acknowledged of your paperwork and payment for a fast divorce, with Apostille. Your case will go to Mexico today and your divorce will become final within 2 – 3 business days. After that we will have your final divorce decree in hand within approximately 2 weeks. Please be aware, that the Apostille will add 7 – 10 extra days for delivery of your decree. We will write to you when your decree has arrived and we will mail you your court documents, via USPS Priority Mail with tracking.) I contacted Divorce Fast as there were delays again and I got an email that Mr A.Alford was in hospital. and that they haven’t heard anything from the court yet. So i had to open a dispute on Paypal for not receiving the good and services from them. Paypal team had contacted Divorce Fast for Dispute Resolution and had removed the funds from their account. Afterwards, someone from Divorce Fast emailed me saying he have my Divorce Decree in hand and if I released the money and close the dispute he will send the papers staright away. So I close the dispute from Paypal as he scanned and emailed me the Divorce Decree as a proof. I have also received an email from USPS for shipment notification on 19th of December 2014. But I received the Papers on 6th of January and that was a long wait! I went to Registrar Office to register my wedding date for April 2015, but the lady over there asked me and my partner to fill up the forms and took all our paperworks but she told me I will have to wait for my Divorce Decree to be cleared here by the Court as it is a Foreign Divorce Decree… So I waited and after 3 weeks I have received a letter from the Court and the Registrar Office that I can’t proceed for re-marriage as the Divorce Decree is not recognized here in Ireland. I emailed Divorce Fast to tell them about the issues on 9th of February 2015, they sent me attachments to explain (Mexican divorce validity including information about apostilles and the Hague Convention). I printed the papers and posted them to the Registrar Office, but unfortunately after a week I received a letter from them that I can’t proceed for re-marriage unless I get my Divorce in Ireland itself. Again I emailed Divorce Fast and they reply back – (if they had further concerns let us know so the Lawyer could provide further documentation to satisfy there requests. The Lawyer can obtain for you a certification of residency if that is what they need to accept your decree. This would be possible based on the fact that you gave your proxy to the Lawyer for purposes of obtaining the divorce, and per Mexican civil law which allows your proxy (the Lawyer) to establish residency on your behalf for the proceeding. If you want us to provide you with proof of residency this can be done for you, and at no charge. If you wish to check with the authorities to see if they will accept your decree as valid with proof of residency, please do. This might be the quickest way for you to be able to remarry. If you chose not to proceed with us further, and wish to receive a refund, that is not a problem, you simply need to send back to us the original decree and apostille. Once received, we will process your refund in an timely manner for you. I told them yes I would like to give it a try but if the Registrar and the Court will deny the request again then I will ask for money back. But since then I never heard from Divorce Fast team again despite so many emails I have sent them (I have kept all proofs). All I want is just get my money back as I am Mother of one little girl and I’m already facing financial problem as only my partner is working at present and I have to proceed my Divorce here so we can get married by next year. Hopefully! So please Divorce Fast do refund as soon as possible. Do as you say / wrote on your website please – (Q: What guarantee do I have that I will receive the services that I have paid for? A: Our 50 years of providing the same services from the same address, and our personal guarantee that you will receive a full refund if we do not provide what we promise.)

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