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Published: 23 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Versailles on the Lake should not be somewhere you want to rent, as they will lie to you, ignore any requests for explanations and will cheat you out of your deposit. There are many other places in the South Coast Metro Area that will not rip you off. Don’t be fooled by the attractiveness of the surroundings. It’s not worth the aggravation you will encounter if you rent here. If you have pets, you will have to pay an inflated pet deposit and a monthly rental of $75 per pet. When you move out, you will lose ALL your security deposit and then some, because they will claim pet urine damage on the carpets, the laminate floor and even the CEILINGS (I’m not kidding.). We had a security deposit of $3,250. They took it ALL and made us pay an ADDITIONAL $694! Nearly $4,000 in charges. Other tenants who we talked to said that they never heard of anyone who did not lose at least 75% of their security deposit for “repairs”. | The claim about damage to the laminate flooring is a special level of lie, as they claim that the pet urine had worked its way under the floorboards. According to the manufacturer of the laminate floors, that is impossible, if the floor had been properly installed, otherwise kitchen spills and the simple mopping of the floor would seep through the separations between the boards. So, why do they do this? Well, they will claim that all the boards need to be replaced, even though any “affected” ones can be removed and replaced early. They will charge you 25-35% ABOVE what you can purchase the flooring yourself. Plus if you purposely or negligently install the boards properly, the opportunity to recoup “damages” is there for the taking. When you multiply these “actions” across 300 apartments, it’s easy to see what a gold mine this can be for them. | They will overcharge you for cheap carpets and claim that it will take $190 per room to seal the floor under the carpets, when all you have to do is go to Home Depot and buy 2 spray cans of “Kilz” brand sealer at $3.98 per can or a bucket of it to be applied with a roller for $14.98. | They will also claim your fiberglass tub/shower enclosures need to be reglazed, even for an almost invisible stain, as they want the tub to be “pristine”. Never mind the shoddy paint jobs and broken or missing mirror on the insides of the hall closet, that they explain away that “the building is 40 years old, so what do you expect?”. | They will claim that they will have to repaint the entire apartment rather than touch-up any picture hanging holes. | If you question anything, you will be told by the Leasing Manager that she doesn’t have to tell you or explain any corporate decision. We encountered this when they disallowed us from renting month-to-month at the end of our lease as was promised and is published in their tenant handbook. | This I can prove and I will not only be pursuing claims in Small Claims Court about their lies and fraud, I have contacted the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, because I believe there exists a strong case for criminal fraud. | My wife and I are both senior citizens, so our treatment at the hands of the Leasing and Property Managers at Versailles on the Lake in Santa Ana and their owners, Domino Realty Management of (get this) Beverly Hills, CA, is particularly cruel. | A Summary of My issue: | Our 9 month lease ended 10/31/2106. When we signed our lease, we were told that we could go to a month-to-month option at the end of the lease. That is why we rented here at Versailles on the Lake in Santa Ana, as there existed a possibility that I would need to move to San Diego to work at a company that was in its start-up phase. On 8/27/2016 a Termination of Tenancy 60-day notice was affixed to our door. They offered no reason. We have never received any complaints and we have paid our rent on time. This is all in spite of the Tenant Handbook we received from them which states that we would be contacted about our lease options before the end of lease…we weren’t contacted! The Handbook also states that at the end of a lease we could choose another apartment. We said we would and apartments WERE and ARE available in this big complex. We said we would be happy to move to another apartment in the complex. They refused this request, even though the Handbook offers this option! My wife and I are both 70, living on fixed incomes. I told them it would be a financial and an emotional burden to have to move so soon and so abruptly. I contacted the owner, Steven Gordon by mail and the 5-person property management executives at Domino Realty in Beverly Hills, twice by email, but they did not even respond. We feel that we have been defrauded. We paid a substantially higher monthly rental at the 9-month-lease rate than the rate which would have been in effect for a 12-month lease. We maintain that they did not want us in another apartment in the complex, as we could have been able to verify the degree of validity to the work they claimed they had to do. | What follows is a copy of the correspondences I sent by mail and email to the owner and officers of the parent company, asking that they honor the month-to-month promise. This was ignored by them.

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