Done Right Automotive Auto Repair & Tire

Done Right Automotive Auto Repair & Tire

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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Going to tell the entire story, this will be long but definitely thorough, I dont want anyone going what I just went through. | I was on my way to Tennessee for spring break, driving from Tallahassee Florida. About half way, i started hearing a sound in the front of the car. Being that I like to plan ahead, I made the phone calls while on the drive so I could get my car looked at as soon as possible without tieing up my car for my vacation. My calls didnt go well because there was only 1 shop open on sundays (Done Right). Being that it was the only shop in town open, I didnt bother doing any reviews, because I didnt have much of an option. By the time I got to town, my check engine light also came on. I took it to Rick, who at first appeared to be a decent guy. He saw my Florida State shirt on and told me all about how he is from miami (keep that part in mind). I tell him about the noise in the front end as well as the check engine light. Later that day, i go to pick up my car, he claimed my breaks were metal on metal causing the noise, also replaced an EGR valve, cleaned the fuel injectors, a full tune up, plus the cost of the inspection all totaled just north of 1000. I wasnt too beat on the price, I was only worried about getting my family back to Florida safe. I pull out of the parking lot and literally drive for less than 15 seconds before realizing that despite me dropping over 1000 dollars my problem was far from solved. | It was closing hours so I went back the next morning and told him that he didnt fix my problem. He began to argue w me (the customer) about what I took the car in for. Granted, he got rid of the check engine light, none of that matters if my transmission is bad and my car doesnt run! So at this point, I’m literally on the opposite side of the country with a newborn child, no working car, and I just dropped 1000 on a car that im not sure if going to run again. When I went back, I took my cousin with me who worked as a mechanic for over 20 years and knows a hell of alot more about cars than i do. The owner literally refused to talk to him because it “wasnt his car”. He kept the car for another day and after driving it for another day, he said that the sound was coming from the transmission and that it was going to cost another 250 to drop the pan, and to clean and inspect it for damage. At this point, im about 1300 deep on the car. Again, nobody else was open so I was at his mercy, he dropped the pan and said there were metal shavings inside the transmission and that the transmission went bad. At this point I got a ride to the shop and was instantly pissed questioning them. Even if the work they did prior was legit, I told him there should be some kind of priority that an expert should follow, what good are my clean air ducts, my fuel injectors, my new breaks, my tune up, and an oil change when the car doesnt run!? I asked them about this to their face, and they just kept beating around the bush. I got a call the next morning saying that they wanted to try and flush the tranny and that it would be 450 more. I told them that I would literally push the car home before I gave them another dime. Thats when Rick came in, and said there was a misunderstanding over the phone between him and his co-worker, and that the price was 450 TOTAL between the original 250 inspection and the flush (yeah i caught them). After i caught his lieing a**, I ended up getting the tranny flush for 150 instead of 450. | As of writing this report, we are literally stranded up here because of them, and 1700 dollars in the hole. When I went back to get my car, he said it runs “about 60% better”, and the guy who test drove my car told me that he had hearing aids and that he never heard a knock to begin with! | Better yet, I made two phone calls to two mechanics who told me that I made the worst mistake of my life going to Dunn. After my reservation ran out for my cabin, I had to get a hotel until my car was done, and had to call a taxi to take me to get my car. When I got my taxi and told my taxi where I needed to go, my taxi driver said “OHHHH GOD, please tell me you didnt take your car there”. She proceeded to tell me that he has about the worst reputation in this part of Tennessee, and said to the best of her knowledge, he used to be in Florida and was ran out of the state. Normally, I’m smart enough to read reviews before I take anyone up on their services, but i didnt do it in this situation because I was stranded and there was literally 1 shop open. After getting screwed, I read the reviews and they were AWFUL. When you type in “done right automotive”, 3 out of the 4 first hits on google are from rip off report and all of the rest of the review websites but one have 3 stars or less. On top of that, the taxi lady who was super nice was telling me that they call this guy “done wrong automotive” because he just screws everyone over, and that she felt terrible for me and the family. | Normally I dont do this kind of thing, as a law student, I have very little time, practically none, but I felt obligated because I wouldnt wish my weekend on my worst enemy. It was terrible, and I had to share my experience. I know this post was long, but it doesnt scratch the surface regarding how pissed I was and how cheated I felt after leaving his shop. I’m a full time law student with no job because of school, trying to enjoy spring break by taking a small 3 day long mini vacation with my fiance and a newborn child, and this dude had no problem sucking me dry. 1700 dollars for not fixing my problem the first time, and then the second go around he gets it going about 60%. Terrible terrible business. Please spread the word.

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