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Published: 01 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I met Donita with a phone call from her. She claimed she knew me from the past. For a half a minute I believed her. With my job duties I have lots of people trying to contact me to get something or a job from me. So I just went with it. I met Donita and she has a bubbly attitide and can sell Fire to hell. First let me give you information that came straight from her mouth in her drunken stuper after drinks. Donita lost her job at sheakley in Cincinnati Ohio about 7 years ago. She claimed she looked for jobs and could have had a few but refused to work for less than $50,000. She didn’t have to really work because she still received alimony from her ex husband. After that ran out, the next 4 years she was on unemploymet and food stamps And moved in with her sister and rented her home at 3525 thorngate drive in mason ohio to a Korean couple that worked at p&g. They rented her home from her for a few years. (SCAM NUMBER ONE) the last year she collected the rent but never made any mortgage payments on the home. She pocketed the money. So imagine the renters faces when they found out they had to leave because she didn’t make payments even thou they did the right thing and paid her. During that same time (SCAM NUMBER 2) she cash advance tens of thousands of dollars from her credit cards. I beleive she told me $20,000. She said she put that money to the side and after all this scamming she simply filled bankruptcy on it all and got away with all that. She then told me her sister would try to get her jobs but would purposely not get her jobs that made anything close to her in pay. (SCAM NUMBER THREE) She said she worked for her sisters boyfriend “dick or Richard or something like that) that owned a roofing company in Cincinnati. The companies name was something but he changed it to MY HOME PRO. (Call him if you don’t beleive all this, he will tell you.) Anyways, she said she would steal clients and not report all phones calls and give some of those jobs to her nieces husband for 50% of the profits. She did that for a month until something happen between them and then she would give the jobs to one of her sons friends. She gloated about how she did this without dick finding out. She sometimes still claims she works for MY HOME PRO in Cincinnati. She does not work for them and hasn’t for couple years now. the reason I’m reporting all this, is to let potential employers and potential clients know who they are really dealing with. She became a good friend to me, so I thought. She would use me to try to get contracts and inside knowledge of bids. Granted I knew this in the back of my head. I just thought I was helping her get back on her feet to try to help her with landing contracts since she was always complaining about not being able to get a job and the troubles her son was in with the law and trying to help him get out of prison. She then told a colleague of mine which in turn got back to my employer about me giving her help with contracts And bids. If you have employed or thinking about hiring Donita Clawson think twice. It might all seem like peaches and everything is going great. But, you have to ask yourself….. What is she going to scheme from you???

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