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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I signed up with doterra at the urging of several people due to illness and severe symptoms of Lyme disease. Being so ill, I was desperate for help and believed someone I thought was a friend when she said these Essential Oils would treat and cure me. She also claimed to be extensively trained by doterra in the use of Essential Oils. This person actually hand wrote me out a prescription for treatment, giving me all the oils needed, veggie caps, dosages, length of time for each round. She called the one an “antibiotic bomb” & the other a “Candia bomb” for bad bacteria, as does the company, doterra. At first I felt a little better, then I started experiencing abdominal pain, burning in stomach, throat esophagus, pain around my liver and gall bladder and constant burping with burning. When I questioned these symptoms, I was given the pat response that this company and their reps give, that I was “detoxing or herxing” and that it was a good thing! This went on for several more months until it got worse and I sought medical help. I was told by the hospital physician to cease the use of these oils, most particularly the Oregano which I came to learn was a “hot ” oil which must be properly diluted. The protocol given me did not call for dilution at all, rather it was to be mixed with other harsh, potent oils for a total of 20 drops in a veggie cap at one time. Being new, I read this company’s literature and believed it. But, when I injured myself internally, I sought help from those who actually ARE trained in proper usage of these highly potent oils. So potent that they will melt plastic or Styrofoam! So potent that the company recommends not dropping the oils into plastic water bottles or mixing blends in anything other than glass containers! So, can you imagine what they are doing to a persons (or animals, yes they practice unsafe usage on poor defenseless animals, too!) fragile mucous membranes? Burn baby burn for sure! I have been suspended by this company for what they say are Policy violations! They accused me of bashing them on my Facebook page and encouraging others to try another essential oil company, both of which are false allegations! On the other hand, I have been slandered publicly on Facebook, in my hometown and even had one of their reps steal my face book profile picture of my husband and myself and make a chastising meme out of it! Screen shots were taken by me of all of this harassment and forward to someone in their Compliancy Department. The outcome? They did NOTHING to the reps who did these terrible things to me! No suspensions, no nothing! Even though making a meme of my profile picture is Copyright Infringement! This company picks and chooses who they want to target! Their Policies and Procedures only apply to those that question the unsafe usage practices! They allow others to violate the P&P, even though their acts have been criminal! And, they claim to be a Faith-based organization?! I have made several attempts to speak to someone in their legal department to no avail. It doesn’t surprise me though! They will never admit any wrong doing even though they were issued awarding letter in August 2014 regarding their practices! There are thousands of pages, blogs, etc, on social media and the internet whose Administrators, reps/Wellness Advocates of this company, continue to be non-compliant! They continue to promote unsafe usage practices and this company does nothing! Why? Because they are one of two major Multi-level Marketing Essential Oil companies that make MILLIONS off of their reps sales! They do not want the word to get out that their oils that they falsely market as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade are injuring people! There are no industry standards for them to make this claim, it is simply a marketing tool used tomfool and chum unsuspecting people into their pyramid! There is an injury report published on-line with many, many of them being caused by this company’s oils and promotion of unsafe usage! Yet, they THREATEN anyone who tries to speak out about these unsafe practices and injuries with a law suit by one of their high powered attorneys! So many have so much to say, yet they live in fear of losing everything they own at the hands of this company! I find it odd that these “self-professed Christians” turn on their reps like they do when these very people are the ones they once relied on to line their pockets with the millions they are making! It’s very sad how these reps are duped and deluded into believing all they claim is true! So many lash out at anyone who tries to teach them SAFE usage! Their is NO actual real training! They hold “parties”, set up at vendor shows, etc to sign people up! They push people to drink water with drops of citrus oils or Lavender in it! They tell teachers it o’s okay to diffuse these oils in their classrooms, ignoring the highly potential danger of an Adverse Reaction by one of the children! These oils are DANGEROUS if not used properly! Those that sell or promote them need to posses education in Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, biology and more! But, they don’t! They listen intently to the Chief Medical Officer who is merely a Chiropractor! One that publishes his own treatment protocols! He is prescribing treatments of which he has absolutely no knowledge of, such as Lyme Disease! His practices are dangerous! Trickle down training is dangerous! Consumers are spending vast amounts of money on these very overpriced oils because this company and it’s reps are making claims of cures! They even said their oils cure Ebola! Although they have been admonished for making this claim, and told to cease, many reps continue to make that statement and many more! They hold “Clean out your Medicine Chest Parties” ridding consumers of their Pharmaceuticals! They were also told to cease this action, but it continues! They use Pharmaceutical names such as Ativan to describe a blend of these oils! Again, told to cease, yet it continues! They claim it cures ADD in children! They also teach a technique called Aromatouch Therapy, which is a massage technique and is not legal in my state per the State Massage Licensing Board! An individual who is not licensed to teach or perform massage charges $149.00 to teach this technique! I do not want anyone else to be BURNED, literally, by these deceptive practices! Or to be given a handwritten prescription to treat a disease or illness by an untrained, but more importantly, UNLICENSED representative of this company! A company who threatens those that question these unsafe practices with a law suit! Don’t get burned!

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