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Dr. Dana Kindberg Optometry: A Profit over People Eye Clinic

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Published: 20 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I visited Dr. Dana Kindberg a few years ago, regarding an eye exam. During the eye exam, I mentioned to Dr. Kindberg I was having balance issues, hand eye coordination issues, and a difficult time focusing. The focusing was with regards to seeing near and far. During this time, I disclosed to Ms. Kindberg I had an act of violence occur to me (non-domestic) and that the symptoms occurred AFTER the act. I felt she was a qualified doctor to address my needs, because the balance and focusing may very well be related to my vision and/or head. While the eye exam was the primary reason for the visit, I felt it was reasonable to disclose symptoms very clearly related to my eyes.

Dr. Kindberg performed the eye exam fine. But, she wrote me off and never addressed any of the balance/hand eye coordination/focus issues. Dr. Kindberg completely ignored a very sensitive topic I told to her in confidence as a doctor. She never recommended any extra tests for my eyes or suggested I see a different type of doctor. She ignored literally everything and I left that day with balance issues, hand eye coordination issues, and and depth-perception/focus issues.

Literally, years later I saw a different type of doctor, who confirmed I had all kinds of injuries regarding my: balance, hand eye coordination, depth perception/focus. Initially, he assessed me for well over an hour based on these symptoms alone. He conducted several tests related to the eyes. The doctor gave me exercises to help with my eyes, which is called vestibular therapy.He gave me these exercises the same day I walked in to the office. He was shocked I had gone so long without having had a proper diagnoses or any eye therapy. And, so was I!

How could Ms. Kindberg have gone through extensive optometry training, never to hear of vestibular therapy? While this may not be something she could have performed in her clinic, she does not live on an island.

Not once did Ms. Kindberg even suggest to see a physical therapist or neurologist or an other type of medical doctor. Physical therapists can often help with vestibular therapy, as could a neurologist or chiropractor. It depends on the training, of course. With
the existence of modern medicine in this fine year of 2019, it is hard to believe Ms. Kindberg had no type of doctor to reference with regards to these symptoms.

Prior to being injured, I was in excellent health, so I would have had no reason to see any of the aforementioned doctors. Thus, stating I was not ‘born’ with any birth defects which may warrant the aforementioned symptoms – the symptoms definitely occurred *after* the atrocious act.

This negligence on Ms. Kindberg’s part is unethical and an act of sheer dishonesty. Had I been heard and supported by Ms. Kindberg – who was one of the only doctors I had told about my balance, hand eye coordination, and depth perception/ focus issues,- I could have avoided years of suffering. I lived with pain for literally years due to Ms. Kindberg intentionally ignoring me. I felt unworthy in her presence, and that if I brought up the topic again, I would never be allowed to even get an eye exam at her clinic.

Ms. Kindberg’s ignorance of something I clearly relayed to her is an act of malice towards a community member. She had a moral obligation to act upon information she learned, but did nothing. Ms. Kindberg could have helped to link me to other clinicians, yet she ignored me. While I did not expect Ms. Kindberg to ‘solve’ these problems, she could have certainly helped me in becoming more aware of my suffering, so I could get the help I need and deserve.

It is desired that you, the reader, never in your life have to suffer like I did at the mercy of Ms. Kindberg. Ms. Kindberg is a disgrace to the community. Dr. Kindberg will ruin your life. It is with your own will that you must abstain from this live ‘for profit’, reckless tyrant.

Truly, it is a miracle that some force other than myself said to, “keep going.” It was then, that I met a compassionate doctor who listened and took very seriously every word of the symptoms I relayed. It was then, that healing began.

While I am not fully ‘healed’ I am in such beautiful hands and care. This is the kind of care that should be everywhere, but it is hard to come by.

Consider this review a warning so you can have one less doctor you have to see!

Dr. Kindberg is a disease and a monster on the loose. Her ‘smile’ is only due to all the money she is making off of you, the innocent person simply seeking answers for your health ailments.

You deserve the best. Dr. Kindberg is the worst.

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