Dr. Eric Roffman

Please take my advice and stay away from Dr Roffman!

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Victor

If there was an option to negatively rate a company then I would have done that for Dr Eric J. Roffman. He is simply terrible. If you don’t want to read the whole thing then just never go to Dr Eric J. Roffman’s clinic, it would be a terrible mistake. I made that mistake and now I regret it. He runs a crappy facility which should be shut down on an immediate basis. Doctors are known for identifying and solving problems in a matter of minutes, however, Roffman took two and a half hours in the first appointment. It took him that much time because his office does not understand the concept of keeping things organized. He himself lacks any kind of social manners and his social anxiety affects his interactions with the patients. Many people might say,” So it was just one bag appointment, get over it man” however, that one bad appointment led up to two years of harassment. The billing team of Roffman has put together a bill which is many times more fucked up than anything I have ever seen. These guys are charging me for stuff that I don\’t even know. It has been months but Roffman’s staff keeps contacting me and harassing me. I showed them my insurance card at the time fo the appointment. After weeks and weeks of constant harassment, they finally found the security footage of me giving the receptionist my health insurance card. The bill was of $1200.00 and that is a lot of money for me. Dr Roffman wanted me to pay him $200.00 personally because “he doesn’t work for free”. I was tired of his clinic’s bullshit and even though I realized that Roffman was just trying to take advantage of me, I gave him the money so that he leaves me alone. I thought that I have finally got rid of these guys, however, today, I received a call from Roffman’s office. I decided to ignore it the first time thinking that it might have been a mistake, however, I picked up the second time, they were saying that I STILL owe them money. My blood pressure skyrocketed at that moment, I felt like I was going to get a heart attack. I told the lady on the other end that I would not put up with this bullshit and hung up the phone. I am sure that these scumbags are going to send my case to the collection’s department and I will have to deal with them.

All I would tell you to do is to avoid this ass! Dr Roffman is one hell of an idiot and his greed is going to eat you up. The billing is horrible and if you don’t have insurance, then you are surely going to go in debt. I have had my fair share of experiences with doctors, however, none of them was as terrifying as this one.

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