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Do You have an Attorney on Retainer? said Dr. Pfiffner - No, said She

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Published: 27 September 2019

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When you walk into Alpine Chiropractic, dragging yourself in after denials of chronic pain, whiplash, and

other bodily injury from a no-fault automobile accident,  you will be greeted by Deslie, the Office Manger. She

will set up an appointment for you to speak with the doctor. Then, Dr. Pfiffner, DC, ’the doctor’ will arrive

as you wait patiently in the waiting room, but suffer through painful muscle spasms and

a piercing headache you’ve had for 6 consecutive hours. You will wait in a very clean clinic,

with hopes for pain relief and a chance at a better life.


When you meet Dr. Pfiffner, he will first seem cool, calm, and collected.  Some may deem him to be a

gracefully aged, attractive and fit man. But, don’t be fooled by his ’appearance.’  Once he says his magic

”go away” phrase, you will, well, go away.


What is the magic ”go away” phrase?

”Do you have an attorney on retainer?”


Yes, that’s right. If you, god forbid, have any sort of no-fault motor vehicle

accident where you may be eligible to bill the other person’s insurance (which you have

the right to do)- you will be dismissed. You are a

Liability not a Patient. That’s the sad reality. Read it and weep.


On a serious note, you will be weeping, because Dr. Pfiffner will refuse to treat you until you furnish him with this ’retainer’

document. Most people who are in severe pain have not the mindset to talk with an attorney. It is innate

to see a doctor for medical relief, not an attorney, no? Why, then, would Dr. Pfiffner think you would have called an attorney

first? This is not clear thinking, and you should be very well aware of Dr. Pfiffner’s delusional thought process that you

must have an ”attorney” to be seen for your injuries and pain. This,  quite frankly, is nonsense.


You are a person first. Then, yes, technically a ’patient.’ A person, who if accepted as a patient at this clinic will be

paying its heating bill, electric bill, and other overhead costs with whatever you can afford to pay, or whatever will

be paid after your auto-accident claim pans out.  But,  not to Dr. Pfiffner. To  Dr. Pfiffner, you are a Mannequin. A Potential

Profit Piece, to which he may outcast if you challenge his ways of his lil’ ole ”go away” phrase: ”Do you have an attorney on retainer?”

What hoobalah!


You deserve to be treated with respect, regardless to your status of being in pain or not. No one who is in pain should have to argue with a doctor and beg for treatment.  But, if you come into Alpine Chiropractic, you may very well  be on your knees

begging. That’s if you can bend your knees, that is. I hope you can, so you get a better chance of being put last at this clinic.

Even if you beg your way into Alpine Chiropractic, you will be on the defense, not the offense the entire time you are a patient. *cough* Profit Piece. This is so long as you are an ”auto-accident” case. While it very clearly states on the company website that auto injuries are accepted, the reality is that you will be seen as ’lesser’ due to this being the case. Who would have thunk?

While you are a patient *cough* Profit Piece at Alpine Chiropractic, Dr. Pfiffner will forget your name. He will take you into a treatment room, and adjust you or talk with you about your symptoms, potential therapies etc. But, he will never close the door. He will leave

abruptly to treat another patient? So confusing! Then, he will come back, and you will have lost your train of thought. It is also questionable if this ”leaving the door open” is HIPPA complaint? Other people do walk by and can hear. You will be in scattered hands.

Even worse, you will have literal nightmares that the next time you are in for an adjustment/physical therapy session, you will be interrogated by Dr. Greg Pfiffner, DC , with his special ”go away” phrase: ”Do you have an attorney on retainer?”

Now, stop and pause? Is this inviting? Maybe someone should do a tally of how many people Dr. Pfiffner has actually scared away with his little catch phrase? Who he has left limp out of the office in pain and suffering with absolutely no leads as to where

to go for pain relief. How many people may never go to a chiropractor ever again (who is a real doctor, by the way) because of one brutal dismissal that should have never happened to begin with? How many  lives has Dr. Pfiffner worsened by demanding an ”attorney retainer” be furnished as a prerequisite to be treated?

Please know, this is not common practice in other US States. Maybe somewhere, but not where I have lived. No way! This is not normal, and it needs to be made public that it is not okay to turn people away because the billing piece is inconvenient  or challenging for Alpine Chiropractic. That person you turned away probably needs more help than anyone who is fit and simply in for a crack and pop. Hands down.

Chiropractors take an oath upon graduation to care for the welfare of those who walk in the door. To learn from and grow from experiences that are challenging and difficult medically. Depending on where the individual graduated, the oath may vary. But, I have never read a chiropractic oath that says, ”I shall, upon graduation, turn away and scare as many patients as possible and only service people who comply with my harsh clinic rules and demands.”

Is it really 2019? Yes, it is.

Well, that’s the reality. This is simply a reflection of the reality at Alpine Chiropractic. Again, read it and weep.

Regardless to if you remain a patient or shift elsewhere after being treated like an undeserving second class citizen due to your no-fault auto accident injury – (lack of a second income, lack of savings) one thing is for certain: You will never, ever, ever be able to forget Dr. Pfiffner’s magic little ”go away” phrase: ”Do you have an attorney on retainer?” This phrase will haunt you for the rest of your life on Planet Earth until you meet a kind soul of a chiropractor who will never even think to ask you this. Who will take time to listen and listen and listen until you are heard. Who will work with you through your challenges, and not see your pain and suffering as inconvenient.

Please, do not give up on chiropractic medicine. This is real medicine, and while a different chiropractor may not ’jive’ with you, that’s okay. It’s okay to shop and figure out where you want to go. It’s not okay to feel unheard, dismissed, and thrown out as a beggar due to a circumstance that was far beyond your control. That is wrong to do and is gross negligence from a medical standpoint. But, now you know it exists.

Maybe once you heal, if you make it that far, you should pose the question back to Dr. Pfiffner: ”Do you have an attorney on retainer?”

Peace be with you.

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