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Scammer Alert!! Beware of this so-called doctor!

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Published: 27 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In today’s world the noblest profession is to aid people and doctors have earned the respect of the world by aiding people in so many different ways. But be aware some doctors are ruining the respect for themselves by ruining this noble profession and making it a business to fill their houses with the money of needy people. Dr. Harris is one the person who charges people for useless and unnecessary tests.

Recently I was having some trouble with my shoulder and back area. I was not able to do heavy work and was getting a lot of pain in the back. I was not able to sit properly for a long time and had to change my posture again and again to relieve some of my pain in my back. To get some help I surfed on the internet and came to know that I needed the help of chiropractor so I searched for some chiropractors and I came to know about this doctor. I opened their website and researched about him and came to know about that he is good doctor so I opened their website and made an appointment. On the appointment day when I reached his clinic, I waited for an hour despite having an appointment. I was disappointed with that but still waited anyway as I was very disturbed with my back problem and wanted help and a solution for it. When I met him on the first appointment I felt so insulted as at every question I answered, he scoffed at me that all that the whole reason of the back and shoulder pain is my bad daily routine. I was very depressed that what so ever is going on with me is only because of me. After accusing me of my daily routine he told me to have done some x-rays of my back and told me to do some exercises daily for a week and make an appointment after a week. He made me do some changes in my daily routine and I accepted them, as I wanted to get some relief from the pinching pain in back.

During the week I did the exercise and also changed my routine but there was no relief. I also have my x-rays done. After the week I went again to visit his clinic. I again had to wait for some time, despite having an appointment. Finally, when I he attended me again, he started mocking me again. After seeing my x-rays, he told me that I needed some chiropractic adjustments. I accepted the deal and the treatment started which was very painful also. I visited him regularly and every time he mocked me for some reasons. I ignored him as I was being charged a good amount of money and I was also desperate to get help.

After around 3-4 sessions he again listed me some test to be done and said I needed more adjustment. Till that time there was no relief in my shoulder and back pain. He always stated some complex names and mocked me oh having many scar tissues in the shoulder and back. I was very disappointed and discouraged as I was paying money for some aid and I was not getting it and was being humiliated at every visit. Then one day I was fed up and made my mind to have a second opinion. My friend suggested me a name of chiropractor he was getting help from so I made the appointment and went to another doctor to get a second opinion. When I was attended by other doctor, I was so shocked when he told me about the treatment.

No tests were needed which Dr Harris told me to have done on me. The second doctor assured me that I will get some relief after 2-3 sessions and it was no big problem. When I told all about my routine, he clearly said it had nothing to do with my back problem on which Dr. Harris mocked me every time. I was so shocked that I wanted so much money and didn’t even get any help and when the second doctor started the treatment, after 2-3 sessions my pain started to decrease.

After all this I realized that one should be aware of people like Dr. Harris who are making such noble profession as a business and cheating with their patients by over charging them and cheating them by making them perform different tests on them which are not even necessary. They don’t have emotions for their patients and only think of them as a money-making machine. So, people be aware of this fraud doctor who plays with your good faith and disrespects the noblest profession of aiding the needy one.

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