Dr. Hendricks H. Whitman MD

He is a negligent, corrupt and idiotic doctor!

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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Francis

I’m going to file a malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Hendricks Whitman. He shouldn’t even be a doctor especially not a rheumatologist. He ruined my sister’s life. She went to him to get proper treatment and he wasn’t even able to spot the problem. He didn’t know what to do and because of his ignorance, my sister’s body is messed up. She was fine before but now she is disabled. She can’t speak properly, she remains in pain all the time and her daily life has become too difficult. She is on multiple medications and just recently, we found out that she has HIV. I can’t tell you how horrible it feels to see your sibling suffer so much because of the foolishness of some other person. If I could, I’d beat the shit out of Dr. Hendricks. Such negligent doctors shouldn’t be allowed to work. He should be thrown in jail. His license should be revoked. He doesn’t think it’s his responsibility as well. He blames my sister and he even called her a ‘whore’ when she complained about his treatment. What kind of professionalism is that? Clearly, he doesn’t know how he should be talking to others. My sister is suffering every day and I’m to blame as well. I didn’t think Dr. Hendricks would be such a horrible person. I thought he was a great doctor.

I had looked him up online and I was happy with the reviews and his online presence. I didn’t consider the fact that they could be lies or misleading as well. I ended up taking my sister to that guy. He checked her symptoms and diagnosed her with lupus. Now, if you don’t know, Lupus is an incurable disease. We were really disheartened and disappointed when we found out she got diagnosed with lupus. My sister is young, she isn’t even old. She went in depression but she was undergoing treatment for the same. A while later we had to get her into a physical therapy center because of her worsening condition. She used to be nauseous and have gout. Her condition was worsening every day. Even though she was admitted into a physical therapy center, she was seeing Dr. Hendricks too. He was aware of all the developments. It’s a vital point to consider because I hold him responsible for my sister’s present condition. The doctor at the physical therapy center told us one day that my sister is HIV positive. That was heart-wrenching. We couldn’t believe that she had such a pathetic and painful life. But the doctor also conjectured that my sister might not have lupus and the treatment might be worsening her condition. We got in touch with another rheumatologist to discuss this condition and it turns out that she was getting the wrong treatment all this while. She didn’t have lupus. But the treatment has made her situation more complicated. Her motor skills are impaired and she remains in constant pain. And it’s all because of Dr. Hendricks’ foolishness.

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