Dr. James J. Kinderknecht MD

He only thinks of ways he can dupe his patients.

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Published: 20 June 2019

Posted by: Ron

I had taken my injured son to Dr. James’ clinic. He is a doctor of sports medicine and my boy got injured while playing sports so it was suggested to me to take him there. When I got there with my boy the experience was pathetic, just pathetic. The staff there is careless, irresponsible and irritating. My son was injured and he was having trouble moving around, but they didn’t care. They were too busy looking at their phones and doing God knows what. Instead of doing their jobs, they were wasting everyone’s time. I don’t know how this guy runs his clinic. It seems like he doesn’t even have control over his own people. And that’s pathetic. That’s seriously pathetic. I believe it’d be much better for him if he’d get rid of these lazy bastards. My son was crying in pain and the receptionist wasn’t even acknowledging me. I can’t tell you how irritating and infuriating that is! When she finally did take notice, she told me and my boy to take a seat.

We waited there for about 40 minutes before the jerk invited us in. I didn’t think that a doctor can be this ruthless and cold-hearted. My son was in constant pain but it didn’t matter to Dr. James. He made our visit regularly on every 2 or 3 days. It went on for 2 weeks. I realized that he was doing this so he can get money from me. He was charging us heavily for every visit and he was telling us to visit him every other day. It was getting out of hand. My injured son was incapable of moving around but he was still visiting this guy. You don’t think the doctor is a bad guy until you realize the truth. Dr. James was just taking advantage of my son’s condition. Every time we’d visit the place, we’d have to wait for 30-40 minutes. And I always visited after setting an appointment. How mismanaged the place must be that they can’t even handle the appointments properly. Most of the visits were wasteful as well. he’d take a look at my son’s injured ankle and tell me that he is recovering properly. He is a money-hogging and irritating professional who just cares about the money. If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have visited that bastard’s clinic. I’d have gone someplace else where the staff isn’t rude and the doctor is really caring. If you’re looking for a sports injury doctor then avoid this guy. He’d only mess things up. I haven’t gone to his place ever since and I’m pretty sure that I won’t go to his place in the future as well. the way he treated my son’s injury and the number of times he made us visit his clinic are unbearable. Better to be safe than sorry. So avoid this guy and find someone else who is really a responsible doctor.

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