Dr. John A. Flores

Meet the new killer in town – Dr. John A. Flores!

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Published: 23 August 2017

Posted by: Janice M. Macdonald

Surprised to see what you’re reading? Well, I promise you that you’ll be left gobsmacked until the end of this report! Dr. John A. Flores is a doctor in New Mexico and his license was recently suspended after a thorough investigation into his practice by the New Mexico State Medical Board.
This doctor from Silver City is currently facing a number of charges for malpractices. In the year 2015, investigations show that four of his patients died after being prescribed drugs in ridiculously high amounts and with dangerous combinations and these controlled substances resulted in their deaths.
His former patients apparently have high opinions of him and this is why this news came as quite a shock to them.
One of such patients was heard commenting that when she heard about the doctor’s license being suspended, the first thought that came to her mind was how she was going to get her pain medications from him now since he could not practice medicine anymore. She also said that she had become quite reliant on these painkillers now because of the “good” doctor. She went on to say that her life had become like that of a zombie and she had stopped feeling like a normal person because of the unbelievable amounts of pain medications she was on and how she had become addicted to them when the doctor unnecessarily prescribed them to her.
She said that when she tried reasoning with the doctor, he didn’t care to listen. Instead, he kept prescribing her more and more painkillers and kept her heavily medicated. The State Medical Board’s investigations further show that this administration of controlled substances in high amounts to his patients was a consistent part of his practice and it was not just a matter of 2 or 3 patients but something that he practiced with each and every one of his patients, whether they needed it or not!
The investigation further went on to reveal that between the period August 2014 and August 2015, Flores prescribed more than 510,406 units of oxycodone alone. For those of you who don’t know, this is a narcotic pain medication that is used to treat severe and intolerable pain. Moreover, in the year 2015, he prescribed more than 10,113 opioid controlled substances to his patients which amount to a staggering 36,316,511 morphine milligram equivalent units to … wait for it … 680 fucking patients!
According to the investigations made by the State Medical board, during the years 2014 and 2015, Flores prescribed these pain medications and controlled substances to patients from 9 different states. The investigative documents also went on to show that the said prescriptions were filled at more than a 100 pharmacies throughout the country.
These shocking inquiries also show that Flores was ruthlessly prescribing these controlled substances in different and dangerous combinations that have been known to cause fatal reactions in people. He put his patients on a regimen of at least 1 opioid, carisoprodol and 1 benzodiazepine which is a fatal combination when administered to humans.
These malpractices of the doctor do not stop here. The patient (who does not want to be identified) goes on to say that despite her repeated attempts to question the doctor about the need for these pain medications when she was not even in pain anymore, it was all in vain. He pretended not to hear her queries and convinced her that it was for her own good.
This former patient now urges caution to everybody not just from Dr. John A. Flores but the likes of him all around the world. She advises the listeners and readers to be careful of what they are taking and do a thorough basic research about the medications that a doctor is putting you on or prescribing to you.
As of now, everything remains speculation and there is no concrete word about what charges, if any, Flores will have to face. The Grant County District Attorney’s Office went on to reveal that as of now; no criminal charges are pending in their offices against Dr. Flores.
Besides the State Medical Board, the Drug Enforcement Agency also did an investigative search into this matter and found out more similar malpractices of the doctor. Flores has now been requested to surrender his DEA registration by the DEA. The State Medical Board pointed out that it is now the clinic’s responsibility to redirect Flores’ patients to other doctors.
This just goes on to show that nobody must believe someone with their eyes closed especially if that someone is a doctor who is prescribing you medicines. Be smart and do the smart thing by doing a research on the prescribed medicines and if anything seems fishy, report it immediately to the authorities!

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