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That guy is a cheat, a bastard, and a heartless human being.

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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Debora

I had visited the clinic of Dr. John Abroon to get a consultation on my weight loss regime. I was thinking of getting liposuction done and I wanted to find out if it was the right treatment for me. My first impression of Dr. Abroon was really good. The guy behaved nicely and for a moment I was fooled by his manners. I thought he was an expert. What I didn’t know was that he’s a scammer. He’s a fraudster who is lying through his teeth. He is careless, heartless and ill-minded. I can’t explain the wickedness of this man. He told me that I really needed liposuction and that it had to be of minimum 6 liters of fat. he told me that if I hadn’t removed that much fat, I’d be damaging my body severely. He told me all about weight gain and its risks and most of my meeting with him was spent on listening to his lecture on this topic. It was kind of boring but scary too. For the first time in my life, I was scared to death. I thought he had done a great thing for me. And again, I was wrong. I should’ve done some digging and some research before visiting this guy’s office. I had seen one of his ads online and I thought it was a great way to get the right consultation for my condition. If I had known that he was a freak and a mad man, I wouldn’t have contacted him at all.

I visited one of the top surgeons in the place, recommended my Dr. Abroon of course, who did the procedure on me. That guy removed 8 liters of fat from my body. If you don’t know, removing more than 6 liters of fat from the patient’s body during liposuction can be fatal. And it was nearly fatal for me. I had to be sent to the emergency ward just after leaving the surgeon’s clinic. I was bed-ridden for 2 weeks. I couldn’t move or eat anything. I felt helpless and terrified. I found out about this ‘6-liter’ fact when the doctors told me. I was shocked to hear that and I even questioned those guys because it felt terrible. I realized that Dr. Abroon had deliberately put my life at danger. I contacted him later to discuss the liposuction and the consequences of that procedure. He didn’t seem affected by it. He told me that my body might’ve been weak and I may not have followed the precautions properly. I didn’t know there were any precautions or anything. When I talked to him about his suggestion of getting a minimum of 6 liters of fat removed, he just ignored it and told me that he couldn’t have made such a suggestion. He shouldn’t be allowed to practice. He is mixed up with a bunch of doctors and he gets money for recommending them to his patients. Don’t go to his clinic.

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