Dr. Ken R. Sinervo

my surgery at Dr Ken’s clinic in 2016 and It ruined my life!

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Published: 24 June 2019

Posted by: Donald

I had to face many new and different problems after I followed Dr Ken’s advice and got no relief in the problems which were supposed to be relieved after the treatment. I have quitted my full-time teaching job which I had for the past 12 years, I had to put a mortgage on my house as the surgery was quite expensive. And the worst part was that the surgery was a total failure and it has left me with no money in my pockets. I am broke because of Dr Ken! When I entered the surgical room, the doctor promised me that after the procedure I would forget that this pain even existed and I would live a “pain-free” life. It was a lie. My pain is four times more intense and unbearable than before, and it has left me barely functioning. Before the surgery I had a healthy BMI and had a healthy body weight, now I have lost 20lbs and my ribs are totally visible at all times. My blood count is all messed up as well, which is something that causes severe weakness in my body. I used to love working out in the gym with my partner, but now I can’t even get up without groaning with pain. My back has been totalled now, I went from deadlifting 135 lbs for reps to having difficulty laying straight down on the bed. My body has become the weakest it has ever been and the recovery is almost negligible. Dr Ken often promises me that “he is there for me” and “it is not a big deal” but he does not even return my calls or messages. It might be because of the fact that he has ruined my life and doesn’t want to see me or interact with me at any level. All of this becomes even worse because of the billing. I lost almost all the money I had with me, the billing gal at Dr Ken’s clinic is a total moron and she does not know how to really do her job. I have been charged with many different amounts ranging from $6,000 to $20,000, and most of the time, for the same treatment. Even though my insurance paid for most of the procedure, Dr Ken did not subtract it from the bill. Dr Ken and his team are totally dishonest and they told me that my insurance will easily cover most of the expenses, but it was nothing but a lie. According to the billing, I owe Dr Ken money even though I have become broke paying off the horrible invoices. I don’t know how will I survive, I have thought of killing myself but I have a daughter to take care of. My life has become a living hell because of Dr Ken R. Sinervo. He is nothing but a scammer and you should stay away from him.

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