Dr. Lauren Gibson

Stay the hell away from this creepy clinic!

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Published: 25 June 2019

Posted by: Moises

I came to know about Dr Lauren Gibson from Complete Women’s Care Center from a friend of mine. She told me that she was a really great OBGYN that is “a thousand times better” than my current one. I’m sure that she was an affiliate of Complete Women’s Care Center because that is a thing I have noticed, dozens of people on the internet have started recommending this particular clinic which is really suspicious. When I met Dr Lauren Gibson for the first time she seemed like a nice and kind person, she asked me a couple of personal questions and made me feel comfortable. Everything was going great until we hit the ultrasound. It did not go the way I thought that it would, Dr Gibson was cold and her behaviour changed. If you were there you wouldn’t have even believed that she was the same person. She literally told me that I might not even be pregnant, which was really upsetting and saddening. I am not the type of girl who throws tantrums and I understand the fact that after being in the medical profession for years it might have been difficult for her to personalize her statement, but it still seems too cold and harsh even for a doctor. I came back to the clinic after two weeks and just as I hoped, the ultrasound showed that I was actually pregnant. I was on cloud nine. When I entered the exam room I overheard Dr Gibson talking with the nurse about my info loudly. They were talking in the hall and there were a lot of people there, it felt unnecessary for her to talk about my file in the hall in a loud voice. I felt vulnerable and I could not do anything about it. The things really took a bad turn when the chance of billing came. I was handed a bill which was THRICE what I expected and to make matters worse for me, they did not accept my health insurance even though I was told that my health insurance card works with their system. I did not have that kind of cash on spare with me so I paid them 80% of the money and told them that I would give them the rest by the end of the week, the billing lady happily agreed with me. I thought that Complete Women’s Care Center was generous and they were willing to help me, however, my believes were shattered when I received a call from the collections office. They told me that I have to pay the rest of the money as soon as possible otherwise, they would have to “take the necessary steps”. And this was just the next day of my appointment. It was really disrespectful of Dr Gibson and the clinic to hand my file to the Collection company the very next day. I thought that we had an agreement. Find any other OBGYN!

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