Dr. Mark C. Drakos MD

Dr. Drakos is an irresponsible and idiotic professional.

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Published: 20 June 2019

Posted by: David

Don’t visit this guy. He shouldn’t be allowed to practice. He doesn’t know how to analyze X-rays and he clearly lacks the ability to treat the patients. I had visited his clinic after I had suffered an injury in my ankle. I wanted to get a professional opinion and of course, a treatment for it. I didn’t know that Dr. Drakos is actually a fool and a stupid doctor. He is a retarded junkie. First off, his staff is rude. Second, he doesn’t know how to analyze the x-rays or the basic charts. I had a fracture in my ankle and this guy said that it was nothing. He said it was just a normal case of a swelled up ankle and that I shouldn’t worry much. He charged me as if I had visited a prestigious and one of a kind clinic but it didn’t bug me much since I trusted the guy. After my terrible experience with Dr. Drakos, I’m quite certain that he is a scammer and he loves to scam others. I’m also pretty sure that I’m not the only victim of this guy. There must be at least half a dozen who would’ve suffered because of the ignorance of this idiot.

He plainly told me that I don’t have a fracture in my ankle. As the orthopedic didn’t think it was a fracture, I didn’t get the treatment for the same. As a result, my recovery took a lot longer than expected. According to him, my ankle should’ve healed within 2 weeks at max. And it took my ankle over a month. Because of his negligence, my recovery was slowed down and I had to remain in constant pain most of the time. I can’t explain how irritating it is when you realize that you’ve been scammed. I got my ankle treated by some other orthopedic doctor after I realized Dr. Drakos was no good. How did I find out? Well, after 2 or 3 weeks, I noticed my ankle wasn’t healing the way it should’ve. So I got in touch with another doctor who told me that I had a fracture in my ankle all along. Dr. Drakos was too stupid or blind to notice the patterns of my X-ray. Either that guy is mentally retarded or he is too careless. In any case, he is an unreliable, terrible and unprofessional doctor. I contacted Drakos after I found out this error in his diagnosis. That fool told me that he was given a different image and that it wasn’t his fault. He started blaming me for lying to him. Why would I lie to him about my X-ray? I wouldn’t recommend Dr. Drakos to anyone. He is way overpriced and I don’t think that he even should be allowed to practice. He is just a terrible doctor who has no idea what it’s like to treat a patient. If seriously want a good treatment go someplace else. Just avoid Dr. Drakos.

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