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Published: 15 June 2019

Posted by: Kyla Williams

In my whole life, I have been thinking that doctors are the most caring, kind, professional and people with a generous heart. But the bitter truth is that some of them are unpolished and arrogant than you may think. Dr. Matthew Schulman is one of those doctors. This doctor is an entitled and unqualified medical personnel, who boosts around social media claiming how professional he is. Whatever I encountered on his primitive services makes me go through unfathomable pain and regrets. Dr. Matthew Schulman’s services should be avoided at all cost and if possible he should be banned completely.

I am full of tears when I recall the complicated and ineffective services he offered to me. The reality is he has made many victims go through his terrible and unqualified profession. He posts some fake edited pictures to fool people about his bootless services. He brags on how he is the most top and certified surgeon in New York City. He uses his faulty services only to make money but not to help his patients. 

Dr. Matthew Schulman is a disgrace to other doctors with a good reputation. To make himself famous he asks his friends to follow him through social media and posts some fraudulent reviews. This is only to attract more clients all over the corners of the world. 

I’m a victim of his primitive services so I want to help others to know the truth behind Dr. Matthew Schulman. In this short article, I will be able to keep people aware of his faulty services. Maybe after reading it, it might save someone from wasting money, time and their normal posture.


More about Dr. Matthew Schulman


Dr. Matthew Schulman is said to be a top certified plastic surgeon in New York City. His colleagues consider him to be innovative in his position. Clients are believed to travel from different countries to search for his quality results, unique techniques, and because of his fame. Nationally Dr. Matthew Schulman has virtually received words for every plastic surgery award. These awards include the top plastic surgeon in America and the top doctor at Castle Connolly.

If you visit his website you will know why this doctor is said to be a plastic surgeon who is certified by the board as the top-ranking cosmetic surgeon in New York City. He specializes also in non-surgical services that improve the personal natural look/beauty. His slogan is that you can discover the true beauty in you, and face the world with a newly “discovered confidence”.

He encourages those who are seeking to achieve their aesthetic goals like Brazilian butt lift, smooth tuck, liposuction, tummy tuck or breast augmentation, that he will provide everything needed to achieve them. He received his training at the top national institutions. He graduated from Jefferson Medical Institute and later finalized his training in plastic surgery, and general surgery at Mt. Sinai School of medicine at the University of New York. His Street Address is 21 E 87th St. Ste 1A New York City, United States of America.


Occasions where Dr. Matthew Schulman have been involved 

Dr. Matthew Schulman has been featured in some popular newspapers, internet sites, and magazines. He is repeatedly seen in the faces of Life & Style, In Touch, Globe Magazine, and has also appeared on CBS, WPIX, FOX, ABC, and NBC. He is a constant guest on a television show called The Doctors being an Emmy-award-winner and demonstrate his procedures.

He is an assistant professor at the School of Medicine of Mt. Sinai, where he trains the surgeons for the next generation. He is believed to commit himself to education so he is involved in residency training.


Dr. Matthew Schulman Social Media Platforms

He has a lot of followers on his social media sites such as Facebook.com, Instagram.com, and Snapchat.com. He had an old instagram.com account which he closed after a few scam reports, but later he opened a new account. Whatever he posts on these platforms forged and edited photos and videos. Dr. Matthew Schulman has a YouTube channel too where he blinds people with his edited videos. I am referring to his posts as edited because whatever I saw in those videos and photos is a million miles away from what he did to me. 

It’s so unfortunate that I may not be the only victim fooled by the scam posts from these sites. He makes a lot of money through the subscriptions and the reviews from his followers. I regret once being one of those followers. 


My Journey to Meet Dr. Matthew Schulman

Previously I had a fatty body and after sometime my body size reduced leaving me with excess skin on my abdomen. It was quite an embarrassment having a saggy skin as a young person. I had to find a way of removing the overabundant skin. The journey to find a predisposition was quite tough but my love of reading magazines helped me. That’s where I found a story about Dr. Matthew Schulman in one of the Life & Style magazines. I checked more about him and I was interested in trying his services.

Before I made my decision on having an appointment with him, I followed his social media platforms to know more about what I was about to do. I watched some of his live videos on YouTube and this drew my interest crosser to making a final decision to visit this famous surgeon. I also browsed his website blog and that’s where I got his office contacts.

There was a comment form under the website blog where I filled my mail address and commented with a question about the procedure I needed. I waited almost for a whole week to get the feedback but there was no response. I never gave up, so I took his office’s telephone number to book for an appointment with him. Luckily the call went through, and I was directed to his medical facility in Manhattan, New York City. It was like a dream come true having an appointment with Dr. Matthew Schulman. I was sure that he will remove the shameful skin condition on my body.


What Dr. Matthew Schulman Told Me about My Condition

Now the procedure I needed was abdominoplasty and so I clearly explained it to Dr. Matthew Schulman. I told him that I just need the excess skin to be removed from my abdomen. He seemed not to listen to my need and interest. So he asked to take a look at my condition so that he can determine which procedure fits my skin condition. After examining my tummy he told me that it has some fat cells that need to be removed. He said that the procedure is called Liposuction whereby, the fat will be removed and some skin tightening will occur naturally in a few months after the procedure. I was kind of reluctant to accept his proposal because I had no fat the only thing I needed is excess skin removal.

The doctor had a very persuasive explanation that made me accept the liposuction process. The cost for this was $4000, and so I had no choice. I paid the amount and I was ready to undergo the procedure to regain my desired body shape.


What I Wanted vs. What I Got

I underwent the proposed procedure which was quite painful. It took like two hours for the general anesthesia to be completed. The doctor told me that my skin will be at normal tightening within a month. So the month collapsed and my skin was still hanging just like before. This disappointed me and I decided to go back to the doctor’s confirmation about my persisting condition. I reached there at his facility and asked to talk to him but he sent one of his nurses to check my condition. I explained to her what the problem was and she asked to see my tummy. She smiled and told me that I am still on my recovering process, and so I had to wait for another one month for a full recovery of my skin. This pissed me off waiting for another whole month with my sagging tummy.

That 1 month was like a whole year to me. The month was over and the condition of excess skin persisted. I was so bitter knowing very well I had clearly explained and stated what I needed but Dr. Matthew Schulman insisted for a different thing. I needed a skin removal but he proposed for the ineffective liposuction procedure. I felt wasted.  


How Dr. Matthew Schulman Reacted

It looked absurd to me going back to his office for the third time. I needed to talk to Dr. Matthew himself but not the ignorant nurse again. Luckily I had a chance to meet and talk to him face to face. I analyzed to him whatever had happened after the faulty procedure he had strongly proposed to me. After checking the condition of my skin he smiled and told me with a distorting manner that I am the cause of the persistence of my condition. He said that I have a bad eating habit that has a lot of fats. This was like an insult since I have been trying to take all the slimming agents and avoiding food with lots of fat.

I reminded him what I had already explained to him about my interest but he came up with a different idea. He was so naive to tell me that he did the best he could. This looked funny and discouraging with all the awards he has for being the best surgeon. I asked him what I should do next and how he can help me. This question was like an opportunity for him to ask for more money from me. He was so shameless petitioning for more $5000 to pay for the skin removal procedure (abdominoplasty). This shocked me since I had asked for this the first time I had visited his office for consultations. 

For sure I couldn’t bear losing more money with his useless and painful procedures. I had to think of another alternative because what I encountered from Dr. Matthew Schulman broke my heart. I realized that whatever I watched and read from famous international magazines about his personality was misleading and forged. He is a narcissist because he shifted his wrongs and made me feel guilty of letting the excess skin on my abdomen remain the same even after the liposuction procedure. He never accepted his mistake over changing my decision. 


Imputations from Other Victims

I am a victim of a terrible encounter with Dr. Matthew Schulman and so do I understand that there are other silent victims. There’re some complaint reviews on his website blogs. Many patients have suffered from different negligent treatments under his hands. Some have complained about the expensive charges while some have complained about his faulty procedures. There might be many victims who have suffered but only a few have shared their grievances with either their friends or family.

Some victims have ended up with embarrassing conditions after the unprofessional procedures offered by Dr. Matthew Schulman and his team. Other victims encountered bad experiences on their very first appointment. Maybe they were pissed off by the expensive and unnecessary charges which made them give up and left to look for help from another qualified facility. It’s so painful reading or hearing some of the worst experiences patients have gone through.

According to what I have read and heard, many people who have undergone body procedures offered by Dr. Matthew Schulman end up regretting the same. The outcome results are always contrary to what promised or expected. People are left with permanent scars on their skin, others have lost their body shapes under Dr. Matthew Schulman’s hands.


My Review on Dr. Matthew Schulman’s Services

This is the worst doctor I have ever met. He never listens to the client’s interests, he comes up with his ideas which never works out. If you happen to go back with complaint, he will shift the blames on you to prove himself perfect. Generally, Dr. Matthew Schulman is “always right”.  His procedures are quicker and faulty. A human’s body to him means business. He outlines a lot of unnecessary treatments only to increase the sum of dollars to earn from you. Seeking help from him is a waste of time and money with no effective results.

The team of the nurses working in his facility is unqualified and ignorant just like him. They will examine your condition then give you a lame answer telling you to wait for more time that the worsening condition “might” change.



The bitter truth is that Dr. Mathew Schulman is unfit for his position as a surgeon. He operates the worst medical facility in the world where patients are treated like money baskets. This doctor is so naïve and only wants to do what he thinks but never listens to the client’s desires. In case you need anybody improvement procedures, I would strongly advise you to beware of Dr. Matthew Schulman.

Your body is much precious only to you but not to Dr. Matthew Schulman. He is only interested in making dollars from your body with lots of unfruitful and painful procedures. You will waste your time and money thinking that you’re dealing with a professional only to realize that he’s all phony. This doctor intentionally misleads you to accept and pay for the wrong procedure. After a few months, your condition remains the same. If you come back with complaint, he will change the story to prove himself perfect and supersede the blames on you. 

This doctor is much of a disgrace and mea culpa to the surgeons and medical experts at large. Doctors are meant to be diplomatic, extravagant, sensible, insightful and considerate professionals. Dr. Matthew Schulman is never concerned about the patient’s urge because he wants to do things on his quicker ways to make money fast.

Never be deceived by what you see about Dr. Matthew Schulman on social media and other sites or journals. What you see they are not what you will get after being a subject to his unrewarding and painful procedures.

I would request any silent victim of terrible encounters with Dr. Matthew Schulman to come out public. It’s cerebral to make the world aware of this kind of people who take others like laboratory specimen to achieve their own goals. People like these shouldn’t be free doing this kind of business with human bodies.

Do you need body improves? Do you need plastic surgery? Do you need fat or excess skin removal?If yes I suggest you scrutinize for a legit and a qualified specialist. Beware of falling in the hands of Dr. Matthew Schulman to avoid regrets after everything. Let him be a no go zone for any surgical treatment. Do not trust him with your body.

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