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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: John

I had seen Dr. Jimenez for some pain in my back. My spinal cord was aching seriously so I went to see Dr. Jimenez. He did a couple of tests on me and diagnosed me with a spinal fusion surgery. I thought he was a reliable doctor so I agreed and got the procedure done. Let me tell you beforehand that he didn’t inform me about the risk of a spinal fusion surgery. He just told me it’s the safest solution to my problem. I made the mistake of trusting this guy and I regret it a lot. He did the procedure and until then, things were normal. But after a while, an infection developed there and I had to get that treated someplace else. I found out about the infection much later during a routine checkup. I’m just glad that the infection caused by that spinal fusion surgery got noticed fast. If I hadn’t found it, I might’ve undergone some serious treatment and I might’ve even endured nerve damage as well.

When I discussed my spinal fusion surgery later with another doctor, I found out that there were many alternatives to my condition. Dr. Jimenez could’ve simply given me medications for that problem. I also found out that a spinal fusion surgery is the last resort in most herniated disk treatments. When I contacted Dr. Jimenez about this issue, he told me that my case was eligible for surgery and I didn’t need to find out about the alternatives because they wouldn’t have worked. The follow-up treatment cost me a fortune as well. I was worried to death about my back’s health. An infection can be fatal too. And when the infection is inside your body, then it’s more dangerous. My doctors told me that I was lucky to be alive. On top of that, when I later found out about the risks of a spinal fusion surgery, I realized that Dr. Jimenez hadn’t told me anything about the same. He didn’t tell me any of this because he was afraid that I might back out of the treatment. He is a selfish and mentally depraved human being. I’ve realized that I didn’t need a spinal fusion surgery. My condition wasn’t that severe. Also, I did some research on this doctor and I found out that he has faced many malpractice suits before. Most of the cases are of unnecessary procedures on patients. He is a monster. I wonder how is he still allowed to work with such a track record. Instead of letting him operate on people like this, the authorities should arrest him and take his license. He isn’t the right man for the job. I’d advise you to avoid this guy and his organization. You’d be safer somewhere else where the doctors don’t do surgeries unnecessarily.

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