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Published: 08 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Free from Hustle in Plano Ice Rink I am writing this documentation to address my experience and how I have been treated in Plano Ice Rink on April 6th, April 14th, and April 20th, 2016. My concerns for this issue are that I wish Plano Ice Rink will be a pleasant place for skaters and parents to enjoy and a friendly welcome for the guest skaters and their family to come without been hustled!! My daughter is a 7 years old in the second grade. She has been following coach Aliyse Stephens for learning ice skating since she was 3 years old. Our home ice rink is Farmers Branch Dr. Pepper Center. On April 6th, I took Joelle to practice at Plano Ice Rink, because she would like to get familiarly and comfortable on ice for preparation on April 24, 2016 ice skate competition. She was on ice and trying to ask how to operate her music. She did ask a male coach who stand beside the music pit door. He only point his finger toward CDs. Joelle did not know what does that mean. What I observed that Joelle was very confused. I decided to get close to find out who is able to help us. I approached to the pit without starting to speak a word yet. I was yelled by a female coach who shouted to me “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE HERE. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. PARENT IS NOT ALLOWED HERE. YOU NEED TO LEAVE.” I told her we came from Farmers Branch Ice Rink. My daughter do not know how to put music on. She said your daughter should ask. I said she did, but no body care. She said your daughter did not ask me. I am the director here. Ok! From that moment, I realized there was someone manage how to operate and line up the music CD here. Later on, I know her name is Toni Miller. She picked up the microphone and announced “The skaters are not from Plano rink came here.” I saw she was in charge, I left the pit. After a long while, there was a female coach named Olga Gainchcunu came to tell me that she can help my daughter to put music on. I was confused. I thought Joelle’s music is in the line……. I decide to communicate with her. I ask her if she could pass my concern to the director Toni Miller. I ask if director Toni Miller could start with a nice sentence like “May I help you? Do you need help?” to a guest or a customer. I also ask Ms. Olga “Do I deserve for a yelling or shouting?” Ms. Olga said because the music is too loud, she give me apologize. I told her I was facing close enough to director Toni Miller. I know what an unfriendly tone she speak and her rough attitude. My daughter did cry, maybe she felt embarrassed by the situations. I told my daughter we did not do anything wrong. We are just asking who can help us here. On April 14th, Joelle put her music in line for second time. I saw the group lesson families were coming. By the 5:45 PM, Joelle’s turn, she was asked to stop and took her CD back by the director Toni Millers. Right a minute ago, there were a girl still going before Joelle. Up to here, my suspicious tell me that does the director Toni Miller do this in purpose because the conflict communications occurred on April 6th. I tell myself “NO”, this will be too much!! We left. I thought about I am not writing to complain or to be negative, but my heart wish to see better managements, fair operation, a leader who is capable for public communications. Therefore I am not only mention this story to you, but my suggestion to you. I wish to see improvement and change. Could the director Toni Miller announce that the music CD lining up is finished? The group lesson will start in XX minutes? So the skaters know how to expect and plan. On April 20th, Joelle wait for 30 minutes. When was her turn, she was ready on her pose on the blue line. I am ready to record video. There were a female coach push the play button for Joelle. It happen the music volume was too low. After a couple seconds, the music volume had been turned loud, so Joelle and I realized that music had been passed to start. Joelle immediately leave her post to address the problems, but the director Toni Miller told her that her music can not repeat. She has to finish it. Joelle try to save her program and finally give up. Oh!! My heart was crying. We came from Farmers Branch Ice Rink, this is how we have been treated. I ask Joelle to request the female coach who screw up the music, and said my mom need to talk to you. The female coach said in a minutes, after I finish teaching. I asked another female coach to tell Ms. Olga that I need to talk to her. Ms. Olga said after the free style time finished. I asked Joelle put her music to line up for second time. I decided to go up stair to talk to the General Manager. Unfortunately, General Manager was not in the rink. I told the front desk clerk what happen to us and the story on April 6th, April 14th, and now. I ask for a solution to resolve my concerns. He was very consider the situations and give me the general manager’s contact information. He also ask another girl clerk take me to explain the situation to the director Toni Millers. Unfortunately, there is no resolving solution for my request. This girl clerk also told me that our rink has very strict rules on music, the director will not allow to “rewind music”. I answered, we would follow the strict rules. The strict rules are for the people who is dishonor or misbehaves. We are not. Right now the situation is Joelle has been waiting for 30 minutes and the coaches do not care about the skater’s rights and feeling. The music was set up wrong, we deserve to start the music again. I strongly went up stair again to request the male clerk to help us to make sure Joelle’s music turn in right volume this time. The male clerk did help us. Joelle’s music was loud enough to hear, but Ms. Olga’s husband turned it to low volume again in half way Joelle’s performance. I would like to discuss about Mrs. Toni Miller who wear a director’s crown, but do not serve a customer’s need. Mrs. Toni Miller has no professional communication skills and no righteousness judgement concepts. She lack of critical management skills. I also heard from two Asia parents, they all agree the director Toni Millers is very hustle. The coaches in Plano ice rink are not friendly at all. These parents also told me that if your coach is not in this rink, “another coaches here” will treat you in another way. I take these advices for references, but I would like to do it in positive ways. I decided to write a documentation To Whom It May Concern, because the ice rink is for very one, not dominate by someone. I wish next time we come here, we see a nice, friendly, professional ice rink which we all enjoy. I decided to call Joelle’s coach, Ms. Aliyse Stephens. I want to tell her what I have encountered. I also feeling sad and doubt; is it worthy to come here for practice or just stay in Farmers Branch Ice Rink? Because Plano ice rink is no efficient for a skater, we are not happy and we are wasting time here. Coach Aliyse encourage us to keep positive and she also give your contact information to me. In the conclusion, I am writing this letter and my heart is heavy. My family is sleeping, and I am writing in the dark night. I pray for things will be set right!! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Good Morning – Thank you for your email. I fully support my staff’s decisions, as they do what they feel is best for 1) enforcing the rules they are given and 2) creating a positive training environment for all skaters, regardless of where they have come from. If you feel that you have been treated wrongfully, I encourage you to schedule a meeting with Toni Miller and Jason Rent (General Manager of Plano). However, please know that they are simply executing the policies and procedures that they have been given by myself and upper management. Thank you, Montgomery ______________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks!! I definitely will take your suggestion to schedule a meeting with Mr. Jason Rent. I do strongly feel that my daughter and I have been treated wrongly and has been hustle by Mrs. Toni Miller and Plano coach staffs. I as a human and an adult, I have my self-esteem. Not even mention that I am a customer. When a customer need help, I can not even ask for a question, and immediately I have been shouted by your staffs. The conflicts have been increased during April 6, 14, 20. The wrong things act out from Mrs. Toni Miller and Plano coach staffs. It has been showing the signs of no justice to my daughter and I. You and your staffs execute the policies which only reflect lots of unfairness, unfriendly, unrespect, inefficiency, rude attitudes toward parents, skaters, and customers. I have heard lots of complains about Mrs. Toni Miller and Plano ice rink coach staffs. Myself experiences in Plano ice rink proof these complains. will an apology be this hard to receive from a business organization!!!!!!!!!!!

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