Dr. Robert G. Marx MD

Dr. Robert Marx is an unethical surgeon.

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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Bette

He is a greedy bastard who does unnecessary procedures on people for the sake of money. He believes filling the pockets of his hospital owners is far better than providing a real treatment to his patients. Don’t be fooled by this guy’s online presence. The reviews lie to you. They don’t paint the full picture. You won’t get the right treatment for this guy if you go to him with a simple difficulty. He doesn’t like it when you bother him with a simple injury or condition. My mom had begun to experience sudden pain in her shoulder. I took her to this guy because he is an orthopedic after all. And when we talked to that guy he kept implying that my mom needed a ‘rotator cuff surgery’. I was noticing how he kept bringing up the surgery and pointing out that without the surgery, it’d be really difficult for my mom to maintain a pain-free life. He kept repeating the phrase and convinced my mom that he had her best interests in his heart. He was lying to both of us. I was skeptical of this guy from the very start. I’ve always hated doctors because of their fake and heartless personas. And this guy was no different. He maintained a fake smile throughout the meeting and he was pretending to care. I could see that he pretended to care! He told my mum that without a rotator cuff surgery, it’d get really difficult for her to mover her arm. He also told her that her rotator cuff could cause her a lot of difficulties later on in her life. My mom trusted this guy and we ended up paying her over $20,000 for the procedure.

He made her undergo that surgery. I knew that surgery was unnecessary. It made things more complicated for my mom. She kept feeling constant pain in her rotator cuff. The discomfort didn’t go. He prescribed her with a bunch of painkillers and told her that her rotator cuff was fine now. He also told her that she could no longer lift any heavy objects with her right hand. I did some online research and found out that Dr. Robert is a negligent professional. He doesn’t care about his patients. All he does is lie. He didn’t recommend her any alternatives to the surgery. No, in fact, he kept telling her that she should undergo the surgery. He didn’t even mention any alternatives. Now my mom is living with a useless surgery. What kind of a monster is he? I wonder how is he still allowed to operate? I complained about him with the hospital but you know how it is. He is wandering around freely without facing any repercussions of his actions. It’s clear to me that he’s a terrible and useless guy. He’s a negligent professional and it’s unsafe for anyone to visit him. Don’t go and see him. You deserve better than a criminal doctor.

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