Dr. Todd J. Albert MD

He does unnecessary procedures on his patients.

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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Daniel

Dr. Albert is nothing but a vicious criminal. He is at the pinnacle of negligence. He is a manipulative, self-obsessed narcissist. If you’re looking for a reliable orthopedic surgeon then please look elsewhere. Dr. Albert will not only do an unnecessary surgical procedure on you, but he’ll also put your life at risk. I’ve suffered a lot because of this doctor and I know that I’m not the only victim of this monster. There must be at least 30-40 people who would’ve suffered ailments or complications because of the vicious activities of this guy.

I had visited Dr. Albert after seeing his online profile. I was having a lot of back pain recently, which was hindering my daily lifestyle. It was getting out of hand and so I looked for a reliable orthopedic. I thought Dr. Albert was a good choice, big mistake, so I went to see him. He took a look around and told me to get a few tests done. I got them done and when he looked at the results, he told me that I needed a spinal fusion surgery for my back. I was surprised to hear that I needed surgery for my back problems. It meant that my back was beyond normal repair and it was in some seriously bad shape. I asked him if the surgery was a must. He told me that without the spinal fusion surgery, it’d be impossible for me to fully repair my back pain. He then gave me a long lecture on the effectiveness of the surgery and told me that he cares about me. He then blabbered a little more ‘Dr. Great’ stuff.

When I got the procedure done, my life had become terrible. My back pain spread from one small area to many small areas. And I wasn’t able to move around properly without experiencing discomfort in my spine. I was afraid because I’ve heard a lot of stories about surgeries went wrong. I didn’t want to be one of those victims. I went to see another doctor and discussed my concerns with him. I got some tests done and I got what I was afraid of. I had an infection in my back because of that unnecessary surgery. I also found out about the numerous alternatives to spinal fusion surgery.

This guy has no heart or soul. All he has is greed. He does unnecessary procedures because he wants the money. He knows that surgeries pay good bucks so he urges his patients to get a surgical procedure done. He doesn’t inform his patients of any alternatives. I don’t know why. It could be mainly because of the fact that he’s a greedy and selfish man who just cares about filling his pockets. In any case, I don’t think anyone should visit his clinic. It’ll only put your life at danger while ensuring that you spend tens of thousands of dollars for a treatment which will only make your life worse.

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