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Dream Products INC.

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Published: 10 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Everything about this company is a joke. Every single item that I ordered was junk, and their customer service is even worse. Specifically, these are the items I ordered and the problems with them: | (1) Zippered Compression Stockings (Item 84563) – The only reason I ordered these stockings is because the description specifically said they had 20-30 mmHg compression, but they are not even close. In fact, they seem to have no compression at all. | (2) Arch Support Compression Sox (Item 86296) – Again, the only reason I ordered these stockings is because the description specifically said they had 20-30 mmHg compression, but they are not even close. In fact, they seem to have no compression at all. | (3) Wash & Wear Handbag (Item 85676) – The description says “Just throw your first ever wash & wear handbag in the washer and viola, your bag looks brand new again! Made of durable crinkle polyurethane, giving it that designer suede look every girl loves!” I don’t know what it is really made of, but it appears to be some kind of thin fabric that has been coated with a thin layer of something else. Straight out of the package, there were small white spots where the black coating had already peeled off. If I were to “throw it in the washer”, I have no doubt that my “viola” would be that the black handbag was now white and that the black coating had ruined my washing machine, and that’s not a chance I’m willing to take. | (4) Air Comfort Wrist Pads (Item 84568) – I was elated when I saw this product because I had been looking for a wrist support that wasn’t as thick as others on the market, and I thought that being able to adjust the amount of air was exactly what I needed. That may have been true if they weren’t junk. I took the first one out of the pack and inflated it, then followed the instructions to deflate it to the level that I needed. Instead of being able to adjust it, it deflated completely and wouldn’t inflate again at all. So I took the second one out of the box and the exact same thing happened. They are totally worthless. | I tried to call the company several times to ask a specific question about returning the items, but I was never able to speak to a live person. I then used their online contact form to ask the question and, several days later, I received a generic response from someone named “Shain” that was based solely on the multiple-choice subject, indicating that my question had not even been read. I replied to that email (which was from their customer service email address) and got no response whatsoever. After several more days of waiting, I contacted them again directly to their customer service email address and still got no answer whatsoever. | Under the “Customer Service & Policies” link on their website, there are at least two points that are of particular interest. One is that it first says that returns are accepted “within 30 days of receipt” and then it says “within 30 business days of receipt”. Do they not know the difference between “30 days” and “30 business days”? Another point is that nowhere in these official policies (or anywhere else on their website that I could find) does it say anything about a restocking fee if items are returned. The back of the packing slip, however, states that they charge a 20% restocking fee. How is it fair that customers are not told about the restocking fee until AFTER they have received an order? | Even with the discrepancy between days and business days, by refusing to answer my question about the return, they managed to delay the return so long that, if I were to return it now, it would be past the deadline and I would not receive any refund, so not only would I have lost the amount that I paid for the items as well as the return shipping cost, they would have the items back to sell again to the next poor sap that comes along and falls for their claims, and I think that is exactly what they count on. | One final thought….even if you don’t pay one bit of attention to anything I’ve said here, please pay attention to one fact. There is no way to review any product directly on their website. Stop for a minute and think about their reason for that….because everything is junk and they would be out of business in a heartbeat if potential customers were able to see that up front. I sincerely wish I had paid attention to that before I placed this order.

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