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Published: 17 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased a 2003 Audi A4 in September of 2013 the car had 126,000 mile on it and seemed to run fine when I test drove it. So I decided I would try to finance it since I already had a car loan out for another vehicle. I went through the financing process must have taken days if not weeks for bill to get back to me after I filled out the application for the vehicle. I told bill exactly what I wanted I would pay $500 dollars down and that’s it and I wanted 4% interest rate so bill kept applying for loans and every time a new bank would finance he would need more down payment and higher interest rates. So finally I had to come down there show him the bank I already go through and direct him to send my information over there eventually I got tired of arguing about the financing and took the offer from my bank for 7.71 % interest rate and payment of $194. 00 per month the car was priced at $5900 but I had to pay a $700 deposit which of course everything you can see is still more than what I wanted to pay but I needed a car. A few months later the car started shaking engine light caution lights coming on I emailed bill told him I didn’t buy a car for this amount with this many problems he assured me the car was a great car and that he would have his mechanic take a look at it then he would go from there so. I took it down there and gave him the keys and he loaned me another car it was a 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4dr 4WD LTZ that by the way also had many issues and was very hard on gas to my commute from home to work. he called me let me know know his mechanic had fixed the problem it was a coil pack burned out on cylinder number four and he replaced all the spark plugs so the words bill said to me earlier we will go from there we’ll that meant I had to pay for it I was charged $218.00 for one coil pack and four spark and his cost of labor which seemed very high and why didn’t he replace all the coil packs ? at least make everything uniform. Well it seemed to run fine except for the shaking rattling earth quake whatever you want to call it. One week later I was emailing bill again about my engine light on and my caution light on car stalling on the freeway pulling to the right very hard . He told me he didn’t know what else he could do he already had his mechanic look at it and loaned me a car and he says you know you bought a car as is with no warranty. Obviously but no car should screw up after a few months he calls REGULAR MAINTENANCE so then he said he would either have his mechanic look at it again or I could come down to his lot and find a car I like and refinance and he would help me out So I called him out on it that same day I came out there and him and his co work Doug were very unfriendly ignoring us making us wait almost looked like they were killing time waiting for us to leave well bill finally came around and he didn’t seem very happy I told him you sold me this car and it not working properly and I would like to start fresh in another car. He said tell me what car you like I said well any good looking 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder vehicle he said he has no 4 cylinders so there were very few vehicles to choose from but I picked one and he said well this is a consignment car and this wont work for you I said I want to try it and tried to start it the car wouldn’t start. I was thinking omg what is this guy trying to do. Well he pulled out a jumper box he still couldn’t get it to start. So he gave up on it and told me he didn’t want to ruin it so then he told me he would need to test drive the vehicle he sold me and then he could give me a trade in value. he test drove it and did a quote on Kelly blue book it came out $2800 I looked it over it was for a quattro mine is not the quattro he re ran the and it came out 1,000 less I said you sold me this car are you going to give me what I owe on it back on another car he said no he would do 3,000 to 3,500 and he would have to speak to his co owner about it then started to tell me why don’t you sell you should sell just blah blah blah basically just telling me non sense trying to convince me of everything thing he wants. well with down payment part everything I had to do $5900 plus $700 down on the vehicle part labor I am over 7,000 into this vehicle and I might get 3,500 for it the just insane he would offer that. So long story short (DO BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP) they are scam artist they will tell you about how great there vehicles are how many maintenance records they have the truth be told most of this cars are accident car and if you buy you will be buying at your won risk these guys are sharks. This is by for the worst experience I ever had in my life they are I was waiting for my $700 deposit to clear and it never cleared forever so i finally called bill told him the $700 deposit never cleared and he hurried and called ran y car again and it was gone in five minutes they will tell you they are part of the cuddle group RUN AWAY DO NOT BUY SCAM.

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