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Dukes Financial Services

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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

First let me clarify who Mike Kruzel is and then what he has done to a woman he was seeing casually for nearly five years. Mike Kruzel is common white trash, RAPEST, born in Inglewood, Ca lived in Texas for a short time, but it was never Dallas Texas, that is a f**ken lie. He was a wannbe actor/stunt man who never made it in the film industry, just worked side jobs here and there. He worked also for circut city for a brief time right up until the business shut down all together. | When I knew him he was living in the valley, before that Eagle Rock. I had no idea he had just come out of a f**ked up relationship with some white c**t who is now married with a kid and still communicates with him. For all the time I knew him he never stopped talking about this b***h. Her husband never knew she would send him photos and emails secretly. | I unfortunately tolerated too much crap that I should have never dealt with low life a*****e. | There was a time I introduced him to a relative who is producer in the film industry and this is what this a*****e did at her home during Christmas. We drove over I introduced him to help him out, he goes to use the restroom and purposely leaves the bathroom door unlocked, her son opens the door being just a little kid standing there with the door open. It was obviousl he did this so my sister would hopefully be the one, to walk in. The behavior in him made me realize what a f**ken pig this guy really is. | He once confessed to me how his friend Clives younger daughter had a birthday and she was very busty being only 10 at the time, he intentionally bought her a tight top, so he could see her wear it. He also used to make passes at Clives older daughter Allison and talk about how her hair smelled after she came out of the shower. This guy is a f*cken pig, he once admitted to me that he and a friend were partying and a girl that was there with them passed out asleep and how they both removed her under wear and did things to her. THAT IS RAPE!! | I made a fatal mistake dating this rapest a**hole but that doesn’t give any person a right to rape another. We had partied one night I went to sleep, the next thing I know this pig is on me ripping off my clothes and had attacked me forcefully. I fought back and we got into a fight as the fight continued I b*tched him out why doesn’t he go rape that white trash b*tch Melissa he was obessed with and couldn’t stop talking about and he stated that he wouldn’t do that to her, but its okay to rape a woman who is not white. | Mike Kruzel is a f*cken lying f*cken pig and let me just add, this web page you see of him, he NEVER worked with fortune 500 companies!! He is not educated and holds no degrees at any university, he such a f*cken liar. He grew up white trash, his father did work in finance, but let me tell you about his f*cked family. His father never gave a sh*t about any of his siblings or Mike. When Mikes mother died his father never placed a stone on thier mothers grave, his sister later found out and had a stone placed. His brother is seriously f*cked up and ended up in a mental hospital. Mike is so weak minded he couldn’t even raise his brother nor bother to help him when he got arrested. | His father is a big a**hole who never gave rats a** about any of his kids, he actually left them after the mother died when they were young to fend for themselves and ran off with some other woman. His sisters live in Texas, his brother is seriosuly damaged goods mentally. Mike now lives at 302 4th St. Fillmore which is Venture County. Believe me when I say this a**hole has no credibility and has never taken responsability for what he has done. He was never charged, but should have been. He has done a lot of f*cked up things not to mention had a cocaine problem for several years and is major alcholic. He can NOT be trusted. He is a RAPEST. THERE IS NOT EXCUSE FOR RAPE, NO EXCUSE!!!!

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