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Published: 22 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Things started off okay. His price was slightly lower than our other quote but it was for a different product than what our other quote was for. | Our contractor, my dad, and I had a meeting with Randy where we picked out the edge detail, general dimensions, and the island overhang. It was decided to do a 14 inch overhang to accommodate a stool. This was discussed in detail because it was brought up that metal bracing would have to be added to support it. We left the meeting with what we thought was a plan. | They came out to measure for the counter tops and I questioned the next day why cardboard had been laid out on top of the cabinets. I found it odd that a cardboard template was made… Supposedly they measured with a laser (This is what I was told today01.29.20). They were unable to measure the master bathroom vanity because it had not been installed yet and they were supposed to come back once it was installed. They never returned to measure the vanity, Instead they just used general dimensions for a 48 inch vanity. | On January 13th at 2:24 pm Randy called me while I was at Lowes. He wanted to talk about the overhang on the island. He told me he didn’t think that it would look right at 14 inches and wanted to reduce it to 11 inches to come even with a wall. I told he that we would have to go over and look at it for ourselves and measure it but I thought 14 inches was still what was needed. My dad and I went over and we decided on the 14 inches. We informed the contractor and he informed Randy. | On Sunday Morning January 19th the counter tops were installed without so much of a word that they were being done. Later that day I went over to the property and found his box truck sitting in the driveway broken down and dripping oil on the concrete. I called my dad and told him he need to get over there because we had problems. The overhang on the island had been cut to 11 inches. | The overhangs on the front of the counter tops was no uniform with the front of the cabinets (the quartz was either improperly measured (with cardboard) or it was improperly cut (the master bathroom was even worse). The seams had been done in a gray adhesive and were obvious. The one seam has jagged edges as if it has been cut with a dull wet saw. | The kitchen sink is not lined up accurately and there is adhesive residue that has run down the side. Only 1 whole for the faucet had been cut (there was supposed to be another for a soap dispenser). Now we get to the biggest issue – There are multiple scratches in the counter tops where it is obvious a straight edge of some sort was clamped down to use as a guide for either a router to do the edge or a wet saw that was used to cut the tops. All of these scratches are identical to each other in their distance from the edge. Even where there isn’t a scratch you can still see lines that match down the length. | Monday morning January 20th Randy was contacted on and informed. His response was to tell the contractor that his truck didn’t leak any oil – but he came over another day in an attempt to clean it up. He was not going to to refund any money and everything was in his eyes good work. He then wanted the number for my dad who he then called and proceeded to ramble about it not being his problem and everything he did was agreed to us. | He went as far to threaten the contractor that he was going to come over and bust up the counter tops. We changed the code for the lock and everyone was informed that if he came by he was not to be let in the house. | After several attempts going back and forth to get this resolved it appeared he was going to refund the money that was paid and take the counter tops. A meeting was setup for January 29th. | Wednesday January 29th 9:00 am: Randy met with our contractor and myself. He brought another person with him, but they never spoke. I can only assume that they were one of the installers. Randy started in denying any wrong doing and stated that he didn’t scratch the counter tops. He accused the contractor, my dad, and I of scratching them after they had been installed. | He ranted and raved in which time I not so politely went off on him. He threatened to try and put a lean on the property and that he has one of the county judges as his lawyer – like that was supposed to intimidate me. We have to get new counter tops from another company and have them installed plus we now have to pay to have the awful work of Dynamic Designs removed. | Randy was informed if ANY damage to the sink or the cabinets occurred when his product was removed he was liable for it. He was also informed that If there is a delay in getting my dad in the house he is liable for damages and all of that would be included in a lawsuit from the contractor. I informed Randy that I would be on Facebook this afternoon writing this out along with making a complete review of his business. He tried to threaten me and stated just see what happens if I did because “It is business discrimination”. I have the entire meeting in an audio recording. | February 18th 2020: The contracter received notice that Randy is going to sue him. He is slandering my name and my father’s name by saying that we intentionally scratched the countertops because we didn’t like the overhang. He is trying to say he has pictures that prove there was nothing wrong with the countertops when he installed them but mysteriously he hasn’t produced them. | My father received an absolutely worthless letter from Randy’s attorney trying to bully him. The letter stated that Randy intends on filing a mechanics lien against the property. Apparently the attorney isn’t intelligent enough, or doesn’t care about the rule of law, to realize that this legally can’t be done because my dad is not the client, the contractor is, so his only legal recourse would be try and sue the contractor. | My dad didn’t pick this awful company and wouldn’t have ever used them in the first place. I had filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in which Randy was quick to point out that he didn’t work for my dad or I and therefore we couldn’t make the complaint which ends up being a good thing because he admits that we aren’t in it. | We had to hire another company to make the countertops and install them. I will be making reviews of their work on other sites soon as they wer excellent in everyway. We had to purchase a new kitchen sink when the countertops were put in because the other one could not be seperated from the bad countertops without damaging it.

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