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Published: 03 August 2019

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Ela Erikson who is the owner of Early Learning Academy in Jersey City filed a lawsuit against me and my wife at the end of July 2014. This happened about a month after I filed a complaint against them with Better Business Bureau. The reason I filed a complaint with them is because the owner of Early Learning Academy in Jersey City, Ela Erikson didn’t want to refund any of my money back. I’m talking about $3,100 which isn’t chump change. My daughter never attended the school because on May 17, 2013 I gave official notice to the school that my child will never attend the school year which begins in September. The reason our daughter was taken out of that school because my wife and I didn’t like the way the head teacher treated them when she took her to preview a 15 minute music class. When they went in there my wife felt disgusted because she was treated like she wasn’t wanted there. She felt unwelcomed, unwanted and ignored when she went down there with my daughter. Later on that evening a review was found online by a mother whose child was dropped by the head teacher of the school back in 2011. Apparently the child was dropped because the teacher was trying to discipline her inappropriately. This review can be found at the following link all the way at the bottom. jclist.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=25542 NJ Dept of Children and Families investigated the school on 10/27/11. I verified this when I requested the public records that this actually happened. 
 Ela Erikson owner of Early Learning Academy in Jersey City decided to sue me for $12,000. This $12,000 is the remainder of the twelve months of the school year. She already kept my 2 months when I gave her $3,100 which was the two month deposit along with other fees. What I don’t understand is why she sued my wife and I in the first place. The lawsuit stated that they performed all services and satisfied all obligations and we breached because they incurred damages due to non payment. I don’t understand what is meant by performed all services when my child never even attended the school. After all I did give them over 3 1/2 month notice. I want to point out the PROBLEM that I had with the CONTRACT and why Early Learning Academy in Jersey City sued me. As per the contract when you sign it you are responsible for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR. The only option you have out of this contract is due to circumstances such as relocation, job loss, divorce, and etc., unlike other schools in this area. When you go to others schools in the area you can usually get out of the annual contract if you give them notice. You also can’t give them notice of early withdrawal prior to the beginning of the school year which usually begins in September. The school has the option to cancel the contract at any time it wants but you can’t. This contract gives the school many rights over you. The school has the right under the contract to make you responsible for the entire year and you can only cancel under certain situations which I just mentioned. If you don’t like the school you still won’t be able to get out of the contract. If you don’t comply with their early withdrawal options they have the right to collect from you the balance of the remainder of the year. I tried to get my some of my $3,100 back in May 2013. Ela Erikson didn’t give me a penny back. She was very rude and unprofessional with me. She never answered any of my calls and when she did respond to me I got an email from her saying that I was harassing the school. For someone who works with children I found her to be very aggressive. The lawsuit was finally settled on 9/15/14 after I finally retained a lawyer to fight back. Early Learning Academy decided to settle. Unfortunately I didn’t get a penny back from this or even an apology.

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