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Published: 21 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

EastCoastWholesales Craig McKinney I’d rather share a sleeping bag with a pissed off grizzly bear than deal with this company again Myrtle Beach, South Carolina | On the weekend of August 21-22 I purchased an 800 Watt electric scooter from eastcoast wholesales for $364. On Thursday, August 26 I received the item and there were problems from the get-go (which I can prove via pictures). The directions were terrible (I’ve put similar items like this together many times; I’m a freaking honors student), several small bits were missing, such as small screws, the brake disc was completely bent out of shape, and a wire in the fuse holder was dangling out.Everything is assured to be an easy fix. The most important issue here was the fuse holder; I needed a new one, which I spelled out and included a picture of in an email to show what was wrong. While I needed all the products listed above, without a new fuse holder, nothing would work. I received two separate packages with everything OTHER than the fuse holder. I had to take a picture AGAIN and wait two and a half weeks before I got it. Also, the customer service department has the collective IQ of a Petunia. I told them I needed bolts to tighten the handlebars, and they sent me ONE (I needed two) and it was the wrong size. I informed them of this and they kept agreeing to send me just one more. When I specified the number in four different languages and using more precise mathematical terms, they flew off the handle and suggested that, in lieu of getting parts that I paid for and should have come with my package, I kept every email correspondence and can prove every word. | When I sent them an email wondering why it was taking over two weeks for delivery they were, shall we say, taken aback. They also complained about how I was just costing them money by complaining: | “WHAT?????????? on 08-30-2010 package number 1 shipped out to you, which was a 800 watt hand brake and a disc rotor. | then you emailed us 3 days later wanting more free parts. on 09-04-2010 you then asked for battery cables and hex bolts which we shipped you in a second package | you have made us ship you 2 separate packages now costing us money twice. | no third request has been made by you and we have shipped you every part you | asked for” | The wires I finally received would not work with what I had (had things at the end which the previous wires did not, making them incompatible), plus the fact that I would have to solder the wires onto the battery, I decided to just return the scooter. | When I told the service department that “I’m returning the d**n thing so I need the RMA number” they replied: “rma 108. must be written on the top of the scooter box or warehouse will reject the d**n thing.” | Their site advertises “superb customer service.” I’ve yet to see it. | I personally called the owner on the phone and he assures me that shipping via UPS will cost around $40. The box, of course, will also cost extra, since I’m apparently a fool for not keeping a box the size of a refrigerator in a cramped dorm for almost a month and a half. The total shipping that I HAD TO PAY was $123 via ups, and I have video testimony from an employee that there was no way it could be any cheaper. | In case you’re keeping track, I’ve now spent almost $500 and have yet to so much as turn on a scooter, much less ride it. | When I informed the owner, Craig McKinney, of what I had to pay and requested a refund he said I used the wrong kind of ups shipping. I kid you not. I’m expected to go hunt around town for some vague type of UPS place, rather than just take it to a typical UPS store. I think I’m putting it mildly when I say that, the fact that I had no way of knowing that notwithstanding, that is a RIDICULOUS expectation for a customer. I’m still out almost $500 with nothing to show for it. | Craig McKinney is a goddamn broken record “We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years We’ve been in business over 14 years.” | Hey did you know they’ve been in business for over 14 years? I hope he gets eaten alive by rabid wolves. Everything about this company-from-hell was a nightmare. I’d rather swim with a school of piranha than EVER deal with this company ever again. RUN SCREAMING THE OTHER DIRECTION.

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