Eastern Contractors Association

Eastern Contractors Association: The Shameless and The Powerful

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Published: 17 July 2019

Posted by: Sarah Joseph Stone



The fraudulent activities of contractors and subcontractors aren’t hidden. Ask around and you’ll notice that the general opinion about these contractors isn’t positive. Many contractors tend to use the loopholes in their contracts to leave the work in the middle and defraud their clients. 

It’s a common problem, especially in the eastern region, including Albany, Eastern NY and adjacent areas. 

This problem has been rising yet no action is taken. And when we’re discussing the contractors and sub-contractors, we can’t help but bring up the Eastern Contractors Association. It’s the trade association of the same contractors who are ripping off people and they think it’s okay to do so. 

I did some digging online to find out more about the Eastern Contractors Association and its member organizations and I found some dark truths. 

If what I found is true, then Eastern Contractors Association (ECA) might be responsible for the rising corruption among contractors. It’s not helping in reducing the same.

It’s a cover-up. It helps the fraudulent organizations to hide in plain sight. I am pretty sure they know about the malicious activities of their members yet they don’t take any action. 


Fraudulent Members

Eastern Contractors Association has many members. Most of them seem clean but not all of them are. Let’s just start with the case of Turner Construction which had conspired with Bloomberg LP as part of an overbilling scheme. 

It was a construction fraud of $100 million. State officials had raided the offices of these companies in October 2017 as part of a large investigation against such conspirators. 

This is just one company. Many other New York-based contractors have come in the limelight recently for doing mischievous activities such as jacking up prices and inflating construction costs.

Here’s an important highlight: Turner Construction is an important member of the Eastern Contractors Association. It’s a major player in the industry after all. 

Another member of the Eastern Contractors Association, Iko Construction and Design has been caught for fraudulent activities. This company was run by a fraudster. Why were they doing so? The fraudster must’ve thought he wouldn’t get caught. 

He was lying to people’s faces without any hesitation. The owner of this company didn’t even consider the fact that every time he worked on a project, he was putting real lives at risk. 

Iko Construction and Design is also a member of the Eastern Contractors Association. 


What’s the connection here? 

How is it possible for one organization to have two fraudulent members coincidentally? What’s going on here? 

Isn’t it possible that the Eastern Contractors Association is a part of this large scheme? You should note that the construction fraud done by Turner Construction was of $100 Million. And Iko Construction and Design isn’t even run by a legit professional. 

The contractors in this region are notorious for defrauding their clients. These were just the prominent members of this organization, but there are many other organizations which are indulging in criminal activities just to make some extra bucks.

The contractors in Iowa, Albany and Eastern New York don’t have a good reputation. Just a few years ago, a fraudulent contractor was caught in Albany. He had wrongfully taken over 2 companies and he was using his position to rip off other contractors and employees.

Another important case is of the contractors in Iowa. A contractor has left multiple clients’ projects in the middle by giving vague excuses. The contractor takes money in advance for the entire project but leaves the project unfinished. 

It lets the contractor save a hefty sum of money while the people are left with hollow buildings they can’t use. 

Now, how is it possible for the Eastern Contractors Association to not know this information? So many contractors are doing fraudulent activities in the region they operate and somehow, they are left unscathed. 


How they hide it all up?

There are many reasons why corruption among contractors in this region is on the rise. The lack of transparency and the long chain of subcontractors make it difficult for one to figure out what’s the actual cost of a project. 

Moreover, the contractors and subcontractors are connected through organizations like the Eastern Contractors Association. I guess associations like this one help them in figuring out methods of making money. 

Many contractors lowball their bids on the projects to increase their chances of getting the same. And to make up for the lost revenue, they overcharge the customers. Now, here’s the thing. Eastern Contractors Association helps contractors with this process.

Their website states that they help the member organizations with the bidding process of such projects. I think they are connected in it somehow. This association may help the contractors in making up low bids and coming up with reasons of overbilling for increasing revenue.

Associations like these are also notorious for rigging and other acts colluding. To avoid suspicion, Eastern Contractors Association (ECA) has enhanced its niche of members. Now, apart from contractors and subcontractors, there are businesses of other areas working as the members of this organization as well.

This way it’s hard for someone to think that Eastern Contractors Association (ECA) is up to something of this sort. I can’t say anything for certain but the number of contractors’ corruption cases in the region makes me wonder if Eastern Contractors Association (ECA) has anything to do with them.

As I mentioned before, members of this association have been convicted before. So it’s highly probable that other members are also indulged in corrupt activities. 


The Rising Problem 

Trade associations and unions have been found guilty of corruption before so it’s nothing new. Trade associations have even been termed as cover-ups for cartels and riggers. 

My research strongly suggests that Eastern Contractors Association (ECA) is mixed up in the rising corruption levels among contractors in the eastern region. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they are convicted in the future. The lack of transparency they maintain with their organization and the way they reacted to the corruption of their members, only shows that they don’t care about the adverse effects of such activities.

If what I think is true, then Eastern Contractors Association (ECA) is a part of something really big and dangerous. They must be probed for this matter. 


Is Eastern Contractors Association (ECA) responsible? 

Eastern Contractors Association (ECA) is a powerful organization. A simple article might not do much. But someone had to raise a voice against this, right? One can’t just sit back and ignore something this colossal and dangerous. 

If Eastern Contractors Association (ECA) is responsible for the rising corruption among contractors in the region, some action must be taken against them?

I can’t say anything for certain bEastern Contractors Association (ECA)use there’s no hard evidence against them at the moment. But I also know that finding any piece of evidence against them would be near-impossible. 

What do you think should be done?




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