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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I just cant stomach another day without expressing an outrage that eckankar continues to exist off of the pain and suffering of other people based on deceit. | I am really shocked at the nativity of eckankar members, me being a former member that just could not deal with the outright lies and deception of higher initiates controlled by the church in chanhassen. After decades of evidence revealing outright fraud in the making up of eckankar by paul twitchell, then brought forward by darwin gross and now masterminded into new forms to cover up its fraudulent past by the current president and the current master. | Despie knowing for years that all of us members had been lied to and robbed of membership money we contributed, no body bothered to tell us we had all been lied to, and kept us in the dark by higher initiates and the eck master that tried to cover up the eckankar past. | I find it shocking that members do not know that the resources they contribute, go toward criminal activity, by deceiving the public in presenting a made up lie, then knowingly covering up this fact and keeping paying members in the dark who would probably not support them if they knew eckankars roots. | This point is summed up nicely by a person who wrote into this forum with the following concerns, as to the legitimacy of what others have wrote in, about eckankar member monetary resources that are used for profit, by private parties who are high up in eckankar. | So i will write here an original commentary on what i know to be true, about the concerned parties questions, that i will answer. | The concerned party wrote in relation to the following, and is answered question by question: | Thus concerned person’s opening statement as: in eckankar centers, numerous individuals have access to a non-profit bank account? Sorry, but i find it very difficult to believe that so many people could possibly be allowed access to an organization’s bank account.) | My answer: abroad for instance, and basically in other countries, far away from our safe u.S. Shores, eckankar has required charity business accounts, that eckankar officers have designated access to. | Harry kebbel now deceased, fortunately for himself, because the c.I.D. And irs apparently have an interest in him. Kebbel was a high initiate and signer officer to an eckankar charity banking account, which he used to launder his personal resources through, as well as other eckankar finances from abroad. How do i know this? His widow in a troubling moment told me this at a seminar in the united states. She also got an instant 5th invitation from eckankar, to remain silent to the government, if they pried further into this fact. In the united states designated center officers have access to tax exemption accounts, which they frivolously use for private purposes from funds given over to them by paid members of eckankar. | Another unknown fact is that, key hackers in anonymous, are actual eckankar paying members. These hackers tried to take scientology down, because eckankar, was designed by twitchell and his boss hubbard, that he paid with eckankar proceeds, because eckankar is a hidden scientology unit. | In nigeria, an ex-president of eckankar, with the help of chelas there, laundered millions of dollars through charity bank accounts there, for their own private interests use, as higher up officers in eckankar. Member supported funds which were supposed to go to study programs associated with paid membership service. Those same account users with private interests, are still paid officers of eckankar and despite court proceedings to expose other groups in nigeria like them. That is so because, key banking authorities who regulate laws pertaining to charity accounts there in nigeria, are eckankar high initiates. | Space and time do not permit documenting other eckankar charity based accounts, doing similar scams in other countries, for private officers of the corporation, mostly carried out through shelf companies hiding real estate holdings, not charity associated, nor structured for charity status in the united states. | France squashed one of those real estate charity scams, yet other countries in europe who are over their heads in other matters, are unable to make quick conclusions to other eckankar real estate scams there, involving money laundering on the continent, based on dilapidated real estate holdings, hiding behind shelf companies. | Concerned person statement: In my experience, the treasurer of a group monitors the account, and makes deposits and withdrawals. ) | My answer: yes, this is supposed to be the way it is done by honest people, following legal protocol, established by the government for charity accounts. Nevertheless, eckankar officers designated for this purpose, have acted outside of legal protocol, and thus moving resources into their own pockets, intended originally for paid membership purposes. | Concerned person statement: If so many people have access to an organization’s bank account, then any one of those unstable, unsavory, drug-addicted people could simply withdraw all the cash in the account – and drug addicts certainly would.) | My answer: yes absolutely, and these parties have over time, smartly procuring interest on deposits, as more resources continuously go into the charity based accounts that supports these persons. | Concerned person statement: If you dislike the organization, just say so. This is obviously fabricated lies which make no sense. Thus, i won’t even both commenting on the rest of the report.) | My answer: you may believe previous reports in Scamion are based on fabricated lies, yet the unites states justice system does not. The federal government does not consider the accumulated evidence, which has been gathered as fact, as nonsensical, otherwise it would not have pursued due process as an expanding effort which is taking shape very meticulously. The united states federal court in minnesota has designated eckankar as a cult like organization, based on facts, furnished by frightened harassed witnesses, some of whom were jail confined, to gag presentation of evidence against them. | The new mexico attorney general is in process of bringing to trial and prosecuting private affiliates associated with eckankar, who laundered resources, using eckankar as a charity contribution option, and using shelf companies to hide behind, making real estate deals in the united states and abroad, then cleaning their resources through designated eckankar charity facilities. | One of those affiliates is hiding behind a german “bankers passport”, and is wanted in new mexico for fraud, however germany, does not extradite its citizens, so this party apparently, thought out their scheming carefully. The wanted party lives in a protected suburb of munich, that does not allow car access to an exclusive housing area, with the wanted persons house, owned by a corporate entity, and managed by a german attorney. Yet, in this subjects case other extraneous evidence waives their rights and precludes them. Fortunately, this particular subject is tied into other more alarming extraneous crimes tied into misuse of other particulars indirectly associated supposedly with the clinton foundation, as damning evidence, that therefore waives the parties non extradition rights, and precludes them. | If anyone has any further questions or concerns about charity fraud strategies and practices, pick up your telephone and call the f.B.I. Or new mexico attorney generals office, to become educated against any potential naivety. In the united states, it is still a crime to use a charity facility designated as church exemption, to accumulate wealth for private interests not associated with charity status, regardless of where such activity takes place as it pertains to the parent organization located in united states territory.

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