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Published: 22 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I hired Sean robinson Feb 2014 to complete a 4 month renovation, He agreed that at the absolute latest the job would be finished by July 4th 2014. In early Septemebr, they werent even halfay done. i repeatedly showed up on job site to find no one there. They took my $55,000 deosit and continued to work on old projects that they never finished Sean and compamy consistenly lied abouttheir finish dates, but harrassed me and physically threatened me to pay more and more money. My building has a a rule taht no work can go past 120 days or tehy can impose a fine. At forst I thought this wouldnt be aproblem because Sean”bag o’d****e” Robinson shook my hand and swore to me he would complete the job in under 4 months Well 8months later, Sean nad eclectic removed all of the protection off te flor in order to deceive my super and building management that they were finished wit the job. As aresult fo no protection,on the floors or furbiturem these incompetent contractors ruined my floors, made damge throughout teh apartment, and needless to say werent any closer to completing the job The very first day Sean started teh job, he tried to hike up the price by $20,000 climing materials included in our signed contract werent included anymore, We argued, he told me hs “not a fllor guy” doesnt know much about this “whole contracting thing, and made a mistake” I had 3 other bids from reliable contractors for a lower price Sean promised all millwork to be deibvered ny May or June. the millwork showed uo copletely warped in November. Seans own millworker guy quit on him bc in his own words”Sean is a thief and a liar” iwas behind the eight ball and already into Sean for a lot of money and he kept on insisting they were allost finished. I had tofind someone else to install floors and install kitchen bc Sean was woefully behind schedule. But despite not doing the work “bag’o d****e” insisted on getting paid for these things, He called me u and threatened my life if i didnt pay him. My parents were in teh next room overhearingthe conversation and tehy couldnt believe it!! Not only did Sean and Eclectic not finish the job they were hired for, thritems tehy did attempt odo wer horrible, allof my closet doors have fallen off their hinges, Desk drawers do not open, apint job was nevr complete, Wood is cracking throughoutthe apt,Andtehy destroyed my brand new wood floor. Betwwen tehe damage they have doen, teh work tehy did not complete, tehy owe me in excessof $25,000, But Sean, bag o;d****e Robinson, placed a mechanics lien on my apartment nd said i i dont pay him hell kill me, Wellsean im not intimidated by you,nd Ima big believer in karma, What comes around goes around!

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