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Einstein Industries – A Dangerous Scam

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Published: 14 July 2019

Posted by: Boyle Jr.

It is alarming to see that online scams have reached new levels. Einstein industries is a San Diego based company which scams people in the name of doing business. My experience with Einstein industries had been the worst ever. I had contacted them for a nearby dentist’s appointment. Initially, they treated me very professionally and politely. I was wondering why I hadn’t contacted them before. They arranged my appointment with a nearby (so-called) dentist. I asked them to share his profile, but they replied in a professional way, “Don’t worry sir! He is the best dentist in the town”. They charged me $5000. I paid more than the average fee, hoping for better treatment. When I visited that (so-called) dentist, I realized that something was wrong. The person was young and he didn’t even look like a doctor. But I shrugged away my thought by considering how Einstein industries could do anything wrong to its customers. The (so-called) dentist started his treatment. He wanted to replace my dental cap with a new one. Instead of pulling the crown out, he broke my teeth into pieces. You can imagine how painful my experience would’ve been. Indeed, it was horrible. Even a medical student can treat patients better than that butcher. I left the chair half treated. I had realized that he was not a dentist and he will destroy my jaw further. I called my friend who, thank god, was at home. He rushed there and took me to his dentist in San Diego, a 20-minute ride from my place, where the doctor treated my remaining work.


No response to my complaint

After facing 2 days of pain in my teeth, I filed my complaint on the Einstein industries helpline i.e. 8663493996. They recorded my complaint and promised me to return my money within a few days. But that didn’t happen. They blocked my number. I tried to contact them with other numbers and heard from them that they didn’t have any record with my name. Then I realized that I had been scammed with my own consent. Later I searched online reviews of people about Einstein industries, which I should have done before. It was astonishing to read all reviews. Not only me but many others were also scammed. They had scammed doctors, web developers, lawyers, and even their own employees. 


Fooling doctors

Einstein industries want to make a fool of everyone and even doctors are not exemptions. They charge doctors and promise them huge returns. Dentists and cosmetic doctors are in their priority list. I myself have interviewed a doctor who became prey of Einstein industries. He is a cosmetic doctor in San Diego and he had been contacted by Einstein’s sales team. They showed him artificial pictures and graphs of other doctors to whom they had gained huge returns. They had placed a variety of packages in front of him. Namely basic, standard and premium. After a follow up of one week, the doctor had agreed and opted for the premium one at the cost of $20000. They charged him in advance and promised that his sales will increase gradually and in 3 months he will be earning twice of what he was earning already. One month passed with no increment. The doctor called to Einstein industries and told them that there was not any increment in his practice. They tackled him by replying that,”sir it’s only the first month. Many of our clients have witnessed increments in their sales in the third month of their plans. But we are 100% sure that you will see an improvement at the end of the next month”. The second month also went and they told him the same thing as their justification. The doctor told me that he got convinced every time he called to their team. After the three months when he called them, it was astonishing to know that they had blocked his number too! He realized that he had been scammed by those bastards. He went home and found the contract in order to file a case against them. But his lawyer told him that it was not a proper letterhead on which they had made a contract with me and no law will be able to bring his money back from them. In a nutshell, he had lost his $20000 and a precious time period of three months. If he had hired a real team, his current earnings would have been doubled.


Einstein – web scam 

Besides doctors, Einstein industries also scam people in the field of web development. They charged them highly and didn’t return them the product they desired. In my research about Einstein industries, I met a blogger who wanted to make his own website for online blogging. He told me that he was searching for online web developers. And during his search, he found Einstein industries and contacted them. Upon my request, he unfolded that their behavior was very professional and they told him that they had hired the best possible team in their network. He further told me that he only wanted a simple website where he will be able to interact with his clients directly and where he can show his work to his clients as sample pieces. The Einstein industries’ sales team tried to convince him for the premium package which was very expensive for him. Later he opted for the standard package in which they offered him multiple pages, buttons, and space to archive to. They charged that guy $10000 and a time period of two weeks. After two weeks when he contacted them they had asked him for further one week. Finally, after three weeks of waiting, they provided him the substandard web site. When he opened it, he was shocked to see that it was of sub-par quality, clearly not what he had bought. The things they had promised him were not even visible on the front page. The buttons and slides were not according to his demand and its archive was not functional. They had charged him for gold and provided him garbage. He complained to them on their number and they promised him revision. After one week and several complaint, now his number is on their block list as well. They don’t remember him and they didn’t have anything in their database with his name. Now he is feeling lost. He has lost $10000 and a whole month. Meanwhile, he had lost many clients owing to not focusing on his work. It was the worst experience of his life and he suggests other bloggers stay away from Einstein industries. They are fraudsters. They are selling garbage in a glittering plastic cover.

His experience made me realize that I’m not the only victim of these scammers. 

Others’ experiences


Einstein – refund my $15000

This complaint was written on 7th June 2019

I want to make people aware of Einstein industries who robbed us recently through one of their packages. I had purchased their law services for my tax returns. They had charged me considerably and had promised me that I will save thousands of dollars, legally, through their law consultant. I was happy that I was going to save my hard earned money. They told me that a tax lawyer will visit me at my home and will take all the necessary documents for the filing of returns. After one week, a tax lawyer came to my house and took all the copies of necessary documents including receipts, etc. I told him that my tax redemption date is near and I need a quick work done. He tackled me by saying, “don’t worry sir! It’s our duty now. We will handle it very professionally”.

After the final date, I called my tax lawyer and came to know that he had been unable to finalize my tax returns within due time and I had to face a huge financial loss. I cancelled my contract with Einstein industries and asked them to return my dues which were of $1500. They asked me for another service in exchange for the due amount. I didn’t want to have any work done by them. So, I asked them to refund my amount. They asked me to file a detailed complaint and a request for refund. I did so but later came to know that they had deleted all my records from their system and now they have put my number in their block list.

I am a professional man. They think that they can fool me so easily. I will go to court and file a complaint against them. They will have to return my money back with the compensation.

Everyone around here who is reading this, I want you to be aware of Einstein industries. They are scammers and they loot people by selling online dreams. Don’t fall prey.


Test any online product before paying

Let me be honest about the fraud that Einstein industries is doing with professionals. I am a civil engineer and I own a construction firm. I had hired Einstein industries for my firm’s promotion. 

It had been agreed that they will promote my firm through social, electronic and print media. They had charged me in advance with more than the average rates of other firms. I had read Einstein industries’ online reviews. There was a 4-star rating of Einstein industries which was enough for me to trust them blindly.

It had been agreed that they will do the marketing of my firm for 6 months and it was assured that after that it will begin generating results for my business. I was busy in my contracts that I couldn’t focus entirely on Einstein’s projections towards my firm. Only a few ads were passed in these 3 months. I had enquired their team about what are they doing and where is the status of my firm. They handled me by saying that it has been only 3 months and they have started receiving inquiries about my firm. This was just an excuse for me.

But I trusted them again and started waiting for the time of seeing results. Every passing day was increasing my curiosity. Just a few people called me and asked about my services. But none of them made any contract with me. Later I came to know that it was their tactic to fool their clients. They were not organic clients but it was Einstein’s team who called me from different numbers. 

They had charged me enough and provided me with nothing.

Please be vigilant before making any contract with Einstein industries. They are a fraud and they are using the web to loot innocent clients.

Remember, do not pay anything in advance. First, test them in every aspect and only then pay their dues.


Don’t trust Einstein 

I will advise everyone that they shouldn’t trust Einstein industries. They are frauds. And they are cheating people through doctors, lawyers, and web developers. They charge highly and provide very substandard services. I had hired their service for my wife’s cosmetic surgery. 

They showed me fake pictures of ladies with before and after surgery. My wife was very anxious to have her surgery. They told us that we will be treated by the best cosmetic surgeon.

My wife paid a huge sum of money which she had saved over the years. She wanted to make her looks more beautiful. She used to tell me that she really wanted a makeover and the surgery would be perfect for that.

On the day, when my wife had to go through the surgery, we went there and she wore the operation clothes. They took her inside the operation room. They completed the surgery within a few hours. They told us that it will take a few days for her to have normal looks.

Days and weeks passed on but my wife’s condition had not become normal. Her beauty degraded with time and eventually, she had lost her original look. Now her lips look like as they have been swallowed. Her eyes got an infection but thanks to Jesus she has recovered from that infection.

It was not less than a disaster for my wife. Einstein industries charged her lifetime saving to destroy her looks. I have tried to sue them but they hadn’t provided me any document which makes them guilty of their malpractice. They falsely advertised the services of a terrible doctor. I am still trying to get any point on which I will sue them. My wife has lost her original beauty but I don’t want other people to be the next target of Einstein industries.

I will advise you not to go with any company which you have not experienced before.

I can’t return my wife her looks back but I am writing this to save many others. Don’t buy any service from Einstein industries.


Run from this company

I am a businessman for thirty years. In my 30 years of experience, I have never dealt with any company worse than that of Einstein industries. 

Let me discuss in detail. I had bought their doctoral service for two week’s gap. Instantly I had to move to another city for my business work. I could not attend the doctor. I had notified them before two days of my appointment that I am unable to attend my appointment. Therefore, I want my paid fees back. They tried to convince me that I should make my appointment on some other day. My business tour was so long that I did not feel it comfortable to have a month-long appointment for a minor treatment. Therefore, I had asked for my fee refund. 

It was alarming when they refused my request by saying, “sorry sir! It is against our policy. The amount once paid can never be returned in any circumstances.”

It was shocking news for me. Who are they to violate state law? Because according to our law, if a customer is not satisfied or willing to retire any service, he will be returned his money back. I thought to sue them but later I realized that they had not provided me any letter or proof against the payment of my fees. Not even a receipt.

Well, I have lost my $1500, but I will request you to avoid Einstein industries in any circumstances. They are robbers and they are finding new ways of robbery.


Employees’ experiences

Upon surfacing internet, it was revealed that Einstein industries is treating its employees unfairly too. 

For details, pictures are attached.




Ghost employees’ reviews

Einstein industries team is so clever that in order to make their reputation good, they have hired persons, whose work is to delete negative complaint from internet and they continually post 4-star to five star rated comments about their company using ghost employees. No information about the employee is provided and they are painting a positive image of Einstein industries. But as you know the truth can never be hidden. There are many complaint which couldn’t be removed by them.