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El Dorado Inn

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Published: 17 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have been renting from the el dorado for almost a year. I have never been late because the managers that were working there understood that I pay Friday after work. Recently I had an issue because the main employees quit. The new manager came and knocked while I was at work, my son and his father were there she says she needs me to pay rent immediately and also she would need to inspect the apartment. He refused because he was jumping in the shower. I got home and went to pay my rent only to face a rude power tripper who was raising her voice at me stating that I was going to be kicked out because I can’t pay my rent. I have never had a problem paying my $300 a week rent. I told her I didn’t know things changed and I would figure out a way to get it to her earlier. She told me to pay 2 weeks, well I don’t plan on staying and I do plan on moving. If I find a permanent residence then I would be screwed because there are no refunds. Either way I was nice and she was out to get me. Then she said how many kids do you have there. I told her my kids came 1 day a week to see me, this is hard because I’m used to having them but atleast I have 1 day and I do this due to the el dorados rules, she said I better tell management or she will because they will need to charge me more. I am a single mother of 4 I have my Autistic 3 year old with me full time and my other 3 kids visit 1 night a week. I was diagnosed with head and neck carcinoma and have been battling it the whole time I’ve resides at the el dorado inn. I just want to be left alone because I pay my rent I don’t bug anyone I work 2 jobs and I am not in the position to get thrown out over her power trip. The next night I was at work again and the manager forced her way into my home when my kids and the dad were there doing a science project for my sons school. She said she would never let her house look the way mine did and was very judgmental telling him in front of my children that we may be kicked out. I got home and my kids were crying they were scared and said they were sorry for making a mess doing the project. My house is always tidy but this particular day I had to do 100 Valentine’s Day bags for my kids classes and work on a science project, then I had a 10hour graveyard shift. I had all my kids there, and 4 boys in a small 1/2 bedroom is tough. The lady also stated she had kids and her place would never look like mine. I wish I was there to ask her if she lived in a studio with 4 kids and had to do science projects And Valentine’s Day bags then go to work graveyard, I wonder how if she took time to think that maybe I could be overwhelmed and cleaning took time this particular day and time I didn’t have. The next day after my shift I cleaned like always and House was back to normal. Then I get a note on my door saying management needed to speak to me immediately… I didn’t speak to them instead I called my personal attorney to help me draft my intent to vacate and take notes of all the problems I’ve had. There is mold everywhere. It’s growing at a rapid rate. They do weekly inspections and they inspect but even if it’s clean they make comments. I don’t go inspect there home, they charged me $70 for a towel that was supposedly damaged… I paid it. I have not had a hot shower in a year bc water is cold, the left side of the apartment has no electricity and hasn’t in 8 months. Something needs to be done but after experiencing the streets people are scared. I’m here by choice so I am choosing to leave and I’m retaining my attorney for this case. I am not a second class citizen I made 68k last year I was just trying to save money and move. I’m sure the 500 deposit will be kept but I am going to make sure the eldorado gets served papers from me and starts to be humble

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