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Published: 08 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I joined EPS at the $25 level to see how things would go – and I’m glad I didn’t waste any more money on the membership cost than that!!! When my sponsor decided to leave EPS because of the rude, unprofessional way she (and others) were being treated by Nicole (I learned this was the case after-the-fact and first-hand myself), I suddenly started having issues with not being able to access the training group and payment proof group which I needed in order to make money myself. I had only been with EPS a short time and only ever promoted the system enough to make 2 sales so I wasn’t even what you would call active. I minded my own business and didn’t talk to anyone else in the group, and thus, never had an issue with Nicole, the one who promotes/created this system. Thus, I initially thought my being unable to access the groups had something to do with just mere “broken links.”. | The first link (for the payment proof group) was “fixed” after I messaged Nicole and told her, “Hey, I can’t access this group. My sponsor is X and I’m on the $25 level.” But then I needed the training link to send to my sign-ups and it suddenly stopped working too. I figured out in a very short period of time that this was not a coincidence. Unbeknownst to me when I couldn’t get the secondary link I needed, that was when I found out my sponsor had left Nicole’s group. Apparently my sponsor had left Nicole/EPS, and the point at which I had issues accessing my first link was when Nicole told me my sponsor was no longer part of EPS. From that point on, I was targeted and completely ignored when I asked for help with getting the proper link to the groups simply because of who my sponsor had been. Nicole doesn’t even know me and had the audacity to message me and ask if I had certain people on my friend list from her EPS team, which was none of her business. She then asked me was I going to “stay with EPS or go with my sponsor”. I told her I planned on staying with EPS (but she made that impossible to do). Nicole removed me and re-added me to one group 3 different times simply because of who my sponsor was (I know she removed me because I had to click the “ok” button on the notification when she re-added me to acknowledge being added to the group). | She kept messaging me, asking me “who” my sponsor was each time I had an issue with the links, and then she never bothered to help me or answer me. When I asked her admin, Diane, for help (because Nicole would not answer me in a timely manner), Diane was, at first, semi-friendly and offered to help me. When I told her who my sponsor was, she (Diane) immediately told to “Message Nicole.” She was very short and abrupt in her message – – – not so much as an “I’m sorry I can’t help you” or anything like that. I still waited for Nicole to answer me, knowing full well she was more than aware of the issues I was having, and she had no intention of helping me. After this experience with these two myself, I can clearly see why my sponsor and the others left EPS. I PAID to be there like everyone else, and had just as much right to remain there and have access to the information I needed to promote my business yet was denied equal access. I never did anything wrong or against the group “rules”. Frankly, I had higher expectations of Nicole and thought EPS would be a great way to make extra money from home but I was wrong. I wonder how many other people’s chances were ruined simply because of Nicole’s self-given right to discriminate. | What is my opinion of EPS? While some folks make good money at it, and they believe it is not a scam, it is nothing more than a “pay it forward” type marketing scheme. It has no real product, unless you want to call the e-book full of ads you’re given, a “product.” Once you pay to “join” the company to re-sell this book, you have to pay an additional $10 to get one of the extremely cheesy EPS websites built for you, unless you are tech savvy enough to build your own. Then it is just recruiting people to join you to promote the same thing, over and over and over and over. You will be lucky to make back your initial investment in the first week or make any money from that point forward because you – should you choose to decide this is what you want to do — will have to constantly wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, and wait some more for Nicole to make her system user-friendly, all the while, waiting on access to the training and marketing materials which means you have absolutely NO way to make money because she’s taking her dear sweet time or completely ignoring you. Also, she can remove you/block you from the groups or team chat any time she likes (she or her admins) without giving you ANY prior notice, whether you have paid for this nonrefundable membership or not! That’s right — once you join, your membership is NON-REFUNDABLE. Also, if you need Nicole to create a $10 website, don’t hold your breath that you will ever see the website that you will need in order to receive your payments. | This experience left a very bad taste in my mouth where EPS is concerned and that is why I chose to share it with anyone out there considering joining the opportunity. You may or may not get the help you need once you join, and if you are ever stuck on “how” to do something (despite the “training”) and can’t get an answer, then you are stuck NOT making any money UNTIL someone decides to help you. The sad thing is, in her training, she encourages you to lie… use “payment proof” pics of other team member’s screenshots of the money they have made, as your own. Her way of encouraging you to do these things is to be a “team player.” And if you don’t agree with everything she attempts to teach you in her training videos then you are not a “team player” by her definition. Again, I can see why my sponsor and the others finally left EPS, and you can see why I am no longer part of it either. I immediately left the groups when I realized I wasn’t going to get any help. | Again, I am sharing my experience with it, which as you can see was negative. I’m sure at some point, Nicole will see this post and have her side of the story to tell, which will vary completely from my version (that I can guarantee). I have no reason to lie about my experience and have no desire to waste my energy on arguing a point with her or anyone else, because what I went through is exactly what happened. Be very cautious, do your research and make an informed decision for yourself about EPS. Should you choose to join the company to promote this “system” don’t pay over $25 until you see where it’s going to go. Remember, Nicole Derksen is not the only peson promoting it. There are thousands if not millions of people out there actively recruiting for this. That additional $10 for the website — if you want to make money in this business, you’ll have to have Nicole create your website (that money goes straight to her pocket and the only one getting rich off this system is her) and don’t hold your breath that you will actually get the website, either! I’ve seen a lot of folks actively post in her groups that they are waiting for their website up to 3 weeks later!!

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