Empire Chevrolet Buick

Empire Chevrolet Buick

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Published: 15 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

One month ago I took my GMC Yukon to the repair side of this dealership to have them flash (program) a replacement body module that failed. I couldn’t afford $1000 part so I bought a remanufactured part from a reputable firm in Florida. We dealt with Steve Bergandine a service writer for the dealership. They flashed the module and re-flashed the module and came back with a finding that the module I was sent was not the correct one and didn’t have air bags as an option. I would need to get the correct module and come back to have them do the same thing. We paid for flashing the module and then contacted the remanufactured firm to get the right module. The remanufactured firm contacted the dealer and was told the same by Steve Bergandine in service. So a few weeks go (almost a month or so.) I finally get the ‘Correct’ module sent to me and now we have to pay the dealership again a re-flash fee around $100.00. I understand it was not the dealership’s fault and prepare to take that lump. So I call the dealership and set up my appointment to drop off. | On September 2nd I drop off my GMC Yukon with the replacement module to be installed and flashed and request the old one to be boxed for a core to return back to the remanufactured firm. Later that afternoon we receive a call from the dealership that my truck was ready for pick up and they were so proud to tell us they saved us money??? What?? Oh, yeah the Service Manager said we re-flashed the existing module and the air bags took on the module. They didn’t install the new module like they said it needed and felt proud that they didn’t follow their own instructions!! So now we sit stunned….is the exisiting module defective or is the dealer repair facility defective?? Either way we are furious that they didn’t install the module we fought for per their own instructions and then they felt proud to save me $33.00??? Are they crazy? Who in their right mind would not follow their own directions and then feel that they can charge the customer twice for the same thing??? | My husband told the Service Manager Nelson Greer to put in the d**n module he said we had to have and re-flash it as we instructed upon delivery. Mr. Greer refused and told us we would have to pay for the work they did already….What?? We pointed out to Mr. Greer that they didn’t follow instructions, we don’t feel comfortable with the fact it may be a defective module (trying to give them the benefit of knowing what they are doing.) and we want them to do what we dropped it off to do. He refused and call was terminated. | Later that afternoon after we recouped from the total shock of their inactions, we called for the General Manager, Fred LeMasters. He was busy with a customer so we drove all the way back to the dealership to confront him in person. We told him what happened and he assured us we would not pay for the re-flash of the same old module and to come back Tuesday after the holiday. He told us he would work this out with the service manager and they would put in the new module and re-flash it. | September 7th….we arrive to drop off the GMC Yukon and the new module only to be told by the service manager Nelson Greer that they refused to work on my vehicle. My husband said but the GM, Fred LeMasters told us to come back and they would do what they said needed to be done in the first place. Mr. Greer said,’ We are not interested in working on your vehicle.’ | Folks, I have to tell you we did nothing wrong but follow their own instructions of which they decided without my permission to do something different…putting myself and my son at risk with a faulty module or worse!!! Then have the balls to refuse to service my vehicle when we try to make them accountable for their own actions??? Do not take your vehicle to Empire Chevrolet Buick in Wilkesboro, NC. As we were leaving a poor little old man overheard this exchange and was also being screwed by them up to his neck…..so in the interest of saving others the hardship and stress…… DON’T GO THERE – SAVE YOURSELF SOME STRESS.

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