Endurance International Group

Endurance International Group

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Published: 03 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

WEB SERVERS TO AVOID RUN BY Endurance International Group (EIG) | EIG own these web servers; BlueHost, Domain.com,DomainHost, HostGator | HostMonster,Site5, World Wide Web Hosting and 100 more. They do not disclose what they own as it is an attempted market monopoly and breach of antitrust laws. The full list of EIG web servers. www.reviewhell.com/blog/endurance-international-group-eig-hosting/ comment-685 Another list of b*****d companies EIG has, ohsheblogs.com/bluehost-sucks/ | The names of the CEO and a few directors are available for EIG staff as it is legally required of a listed stock market company that sells shares in itself. CEO of EIG is Jeff Fox, David Bryson is Chief Legal Officer and Allan Chaves is Chief technical officer. You cannot email them, you cannot email any individual in any EIG owned company. | EIG WORKERS HIDE THEIR NAMES IN SHAME | EIG orders that in every other small web server that it acquires, that staff only give a forename and an initial. | Emails are classed by a Number similar to these [ FTZ-405-91369] and [ ABQ-685-16519] and then allocated to a staff member. No staff have a dedicated email address any client can access. Andrew M. is one Customer manager at site5. Many different server admin staff contradict each other and Andrew M. Not a single staff member will give their last name or an email address. They may be trying to hide the fact that they only have one helpdesk for over 100 companies and it is not in the USA. | All the small great quality web servers taken over by EIG like my former web server IX web Hosting are reduced to s**t, USA expert IT apache web server administration jobs go offshore to idiot call centres. EIG do not care about quality at all. I am unsure where their helpdesk is located, but the forenames give a clue that It might be India. Ewen P. is the only name that sounds vaguely English and he is promoting sales of unneeded software by false malware claims. EIG used the company Site5 to takeover my site that belonged to IX web hosting. | SITE5 CALL CENTRE. IDIOTS and THIEVES | Udaykumar G. is one Site5 Web Administrator who is contradicted by many other Web Admins such as; Mel A. Sushmitha D. Web Advisor, then Aasawari H. Web Administrator and Rahul S. Web Administrator, Udaykumar G. Web Administrator and many others such as Ewen P. Web Administrator. You have to deal individually with all these O/S people and more. They do not appreciate your local server conditions, they follow the orders of EIG to reduce services and appropriate dedicated domain IPs. No one in Site5 takes any responsibility. They never check their work or read each others reports, if any are even made? They each send emails saying what was done which contradicts other Web Admins and the work they claim to have done is never done at all. You need to check it and send them back screenshots of what is still wrong and you have to do this many many times to every so called Web Administrator, yet nothing is ever actually done, they just try and wear the client down with lies by attacking the client with many emails from many web administrators. | WEB SERVER LOGS DENIED TO CLIENTS | Web server logs enable the webmaster too see who has accessed their website. It is essential for security to check server logs. I have done this for over a decade, yet with the Site5 EIG takeover of my web server I have no sever logs and Site5 staff lie and that error logs are the same thing. They are not. Every webmaster should scrutinise web server logs for security threats every day, without this capability it is not a web server it is rubbish waiting to be hacked. | EIG STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE is DISHONESTY | THE Standard Operating Procedure of this company EIG is intimidation, obscuration and fraud. As soon as Site5 starts they demand that you click a box to agree to a new contract to access your website. A unilateral demand without any informed consent. My site “migration” was not even close after one month when Web Administrator Ewen P. from site5.com sent me this false claim below. But it was not a “Free” Dedicated IP, I paid for it in advance until 8th feb 2020 and they only conceded this when I had screenshots and evidence of a long standing dedicated IP. Without evidence they would have completely ignored me, but even with evidence I did not manage to retain my decade old dedicated IP and still a month later I have no dedicated IP.

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