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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Gus blatantly lied about owning “proprietary technologies” when he knowingly deceived S.A.F.E. by selling our company a Bioreactor he doesn’t nor ever has manufactured or possess. We have numerous emails from Gus stating he was the chairman of the board and that we were to only communicate through him. His proprietary LED lighting technology was used in the bioreactor, another lie. | We have the technical documents that Gus sent to our engineering team that was discovered afterward he is a con artist and thief. Gus insisted on a wire transfer. Gus of EnergyOne received $142,000.00 in documented wire transfers and has not produced anything to date; nor has he returned any money when numerous requests and finally a legal demand for repayment was issued by our law firm and received by Gus Apostolou of EnergyOne. We have documentation that Gus made a payment to the tax assessors office the day after our wire transfer was sent to prevent foreclosure for back taxes on his row house. We have the documents. | Gus uses a business address that he currently runs his continuing deception scams from in a row house located at 7006 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore MD 21224. The FRAUD AKA EnergyOne Corp is not located at 7521 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, MD 21237 as he claims and uses on all email correspondence. We and others have been to that location in search of Gus to serve papers and spoke with the building owner. Gus is not welcome there ever again. | When we contacted the real Bioreactor technology owner who issued a cease and desist letter (see attached) as well as this direct quote ” I’ve just started going through the emails and the breadth of Gus’s lying and conniving is astounding. | I can tell you that Bob and I – and I speak for everyone at HY-TEK Bio-had nothing to do with the project Gus blatantly deceived your company with the wire transfer. We had zero interactions or discussions with Gus about it… I noticed in a few emails he talks about having conversations with us, or he notes that we were demanding your technologies and other things he tells you that something is the fault of HY-TEK Bio. NONE of it is true! I have already drafted a cease and desist letter for Gus and our attorney will finalize.” | Gus stole and misrepresented SAFE technologies as his own to the President of Haiti. See the Haitian cease and desist Letter issued to Gus Apostolou by the Haitian Government in French and English. | Gus, in fact, wrote a letter and email to the President of Haiti and eleven other Haitian dignitaries (we have both email and letter) emphatically stating that SAFE sold Gus “patent rights for his bioreactor” to our subcontracted manufacturing engineer claiming he is was an investor. | Gus stated that SAFE owes more money for a BIoReactor after it was discovered Gus has no such technologies patented (that was an easy search) and stole the marketing materials from HY-TEK Bio local company in Baltimore that issued a cease and desist letter. Gus still misrepresents to this day. He’s a complete fraud and con artist on every level! We have all documents that unequivocally prove Gus Apostolou EnergyOne is a complete fraud! Ask him to visit his “showroom”? There is none. SAFE has an open offer with the Haitian government to fly them to Baltimore and visit Gus’s showroomoffice. | Gus fabricated LED technologies as his proprietary technology and another personcompany who invested $340,000.00 total and again nothing was produced or manufactured. Gus has lied, stonewalled and has yet to repay a single penny! interstate wire fraud yet again! | Gus had another company pay for his trip to Haiti “first-class” as he demanded, and then lied to the Haitian government that he was mugged in a hotel bar. Only to have them review the tapes and it was clear Gus fabricated the whole story. | Gus attended meetings misrepresenting SAFE technologies as his own. Gus caught again lying when that company visited our manufacturing facility and exposed Gus selling our technologies as his own… Gus manipulated 51% ownership of an LLC under the deception that all the technologies presented to the Haitian Government were his “exclusive proprietary technologies. | Gus has no business address and has stolen “numerous technologies that he represents as his own” from other businesses and people who have contacted SAFE to verify. We have a list that we will gladly share along with numerous cease and desist letters, demand for payments from US & International companies that Gus has stolen from and still misrepresents as his “Exclusive Proprietary Technologies” in his continuing schemes to defraud people, businesses, and foreign governments. | Gus had made numerous dishonest defaming and blatantly fabricated lies in emails, letters and statements both nationally and internationally (we have the documents & emails of Gus lies that are so abhorrent in attempts to create the illusion that he is to be trusted and not others. | Gus fabricated numerous documents and disseminated to the Haitian government in order to deceive them that he was to be trusted and other companies had “heroin dealers and drug-addicted engineers.” He fabricated deceitful lies about the principals of SAFE to such a destructive level that SAFE flew to Haiti to address the allegations and debunk his lies that we don’t have passports. That was so ridiculous it was comical. The depth of his complete falsehoods attempting to position himself and stop legitimate business is beyond description. | Gus Aposolou stole our S.A.F.E. name and created a “SAFE Farms, LLC” in Maryland We spoke with the person who Gus asked to remove any and all information from our PowerPoint, that Gus misrepresented as his own technologies! Complete scumbag on every level. | Feel free to contact us, we have all the documents that Gus fabricated, phone numbers and email addresses of his scam victims, a pile of cease and desist letters, as well as the 311 numerous lawsuits against Gus Apostolou, EnergyOne and his laundry list of business entities that dating back to the 1980s. We point everyone to the Baltimore court records laundry list of lawsuit actions against Gus and his numerous companies, which are jaw-dropping.

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