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Published: 28 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Epiq Global (formerly Epiq Systems) is a company that handles the disbursement of funds awarded in class action lawsuits and provides assistance with credit protection in security breach cases. Epiq rips off its clients and claimants by mismanaging its company, participating in corporate crime and hiring criminals to handle sensitive information. Epiq’s shady business practices impact millions of people. Here are a few examples. | An Identity Thief Worked on the OPM Case In 2015 | Epiq had the task of providing call center services for the Office of Personnel Management’s famous security breach case. The breach took place in 2014, when 21.5 million people had their identities compromised during a cyberattack by the Chinese government. The people affected had applied for jobs with the government and their job applications contained a lot of personal information. OPM agreed to provide credit protection to all the victims. Epiq Systems was saddled with the task of screening potential victims, signing them up for credit protection services and offering technical assistance to those wanting to use those services. The job required hiring hundreds of call center employees. As you can imagine, potential employees had to go through a background check in order to get a job in the call center; or at least that is what Epiq said. | About 6 months into the OPM case, a man who worked in the call center was arrested on a warrant; he was a criminal with a violent past. He had been working in the Epiq call center under the assumed name of Razile, but his real name was Scott Dwayne Smith. He had access to people’s social security numbers as well as their entire credit history. He had a fake ID and everything. He was arrested in February of 2016. He was hired via Adecco temporary agency. | They Botched the Caterpillar Case | A 2014 class action lawsuit against Caterpillar said that the company was installing defective C13 and C15 engines in trucks. The plaintiffs won the case and Epiq was hired to disperse the funds. They screwed it up and paid claimants a total of one million dollars less than they were owed. | Here is a link to a news story: www.landlinemag.com/story.aspx?storyid=72147 .W0GfT9IzrIU | They Work for Corporate Criminals and may even Break the Law on Their Behalf | Epiq bends over backwards to please its clients to the point of doing things that push the limits of the law. They hire attorneys on a contractual basis and then instruct them to approve of questionable language in various documents and mislead people who are applying for class action awards. If they ever get caught, the contract attorneys will take all the blame as they are not employees of the company. They also handled call center services for the Equifax fiasco in 2017. They had people who had not passed background checks taking caller’s social security numbers. No training was provided to the call center workers and no detailed information was provided to the callers. Many of the workers could barely read. | Epiq handled several cases for Citi Bank including a case that involved an agreement with the Comptroller of the Currency. The agreement forced Citi to give back fees they had charged to customer’s cards for enrollment in various programs in which those customers had never consented to enroll. | Epiq had over sixty employees on the Citi/COC case. Each of those employees only took about one or two calls an hour. Epiq told these employees that they lost money on a different Citi case that they handled, and Citi wanted to make up for the loss, so they overpaid Epiq for the COC case. Citi also outfitted Epiq’s office with expensive security cameras. Unfortunately, Citi is a publicly traded company. One must wonder if Citi had the permission of its shareholders to make such a shady deal. | They are not objective | The company is supposed to be an objective third party and a go between for corporations that must pay settlement money and the people to whom they owe that money. However, Epiq does its level best to take the side of their clients by avoiding giving any information to the people who call in to ask questions. | Call center workers answer caller’s questions, by reading them scripted answers. They are not allowed to go off script at all. The answers contain no usable information. Callers are often referred to a website which also contains no information. Everything is designed to make it difficult for applicants to collect their torts. | Employees Work Under Illegal Conditions. | All thirty or so of the call center employees in the Portland office work in a windowless store room. Several employees became so sick that they missed work; then they lost their jobs for missing work. The parking lot is so dark at night that someone could easily be hit by a car. | They are Racist | The call center recently employed two temporary employees as team leads. One was an African American woman and one was a Hispanic man. Although they were temporaries, Epiq put them in charge of regular full-time employees, because Epiq has no understanding of the law. When they figured out that they could not have temporaries in charge of full timers they decided to hire two full time team leads. | They did not tell everyone that the job was open. They only sent an email announcing the job to certain people. Neither of the temporary supervisors were sent the announcement. .The jobs were given to a white woman who had not been with the company for very long and a white man. The white woman had no more qualifications for the job then those two temporary supervisors. She was the right ethnicity and she made friends with the right people. | The Company is Full of Incompetent Managers | Epiq has some interesting characters working for them. Let’s take a walk through the office. (Cue “Entry of the Gladiators” and stop laughing, this is a business!) See the psychotic man screaming curse words at himself in the corner? The one who pounds on his computer keyboard like he’s preforming a hit for the mob? The one hitting on the 20-year-old girls who work there? When he isn’t gossiping about people right in front of them he oversees telephone etiquette in the call center. | Who is he gossiping with? On any given day it may be the team lead who is always stoned or the team lead who sent out newsletters that looked like they were written by a five year old until she got caught lying about having a college degree! | Let’s look at our email. Here is one that contains multiple spelling and grammatical errors. It also contains incomprehensible information. Oh look, it was written by Jill Brown DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS. (not kidding.) | How Did This Happen? | By now you are surely wondering how all this happened. One reason is an old trick employed by such white-collar dirt bags as Bernie Madoff and Wells Fargo. If you hire people who are not very smart or educated and promote them to manager, you can get them to do all kinds of illegal things without question. It helps if those people have narcissistic personality disorder. | If you were a victim of the OPM fiasco or a Citi share holder, please sue Epiq. That is all.

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