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Published: 10 March 2019

Posted by: EpsonRipOff

After phoning support and speaking with Maria for help with WF 2630 that was not printing the middle part of every word, even when printing in high definition, and performing 8 head cleanings and nozzle checks while she was on the line (Of course, if almost new cartridges were not placed into the machine the ink would have been spent and no remedy would have happened also, but that might be their way of frustrating the process.), I was told to “Let the printer rest overnight and try the same process again three times, and call us back if it continues to do the same thing.” Rest? It”s a machine! None the less, I did not perform any of my work at home after that call on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Monday the printer was doing the same thing, even after cleaning and nozzle check, so I called again and spoke with Christian. He walked me through three more nozzle checks and told me to “Let the printer rest overnight and try again tomorrow. If it does not work it may be hardware failure.” I phoned back and spoke with Cyril in Customer Support. He also went through three more head cleanings and nozzle checks, but was also unable to get the printer to function properly, so he provided a “Customer Appreciation” discount to purchase another product from Epson for a 15% discount. (Don”t fall for this trick. You will only be wasting your time, and ink.) So wait, it gets worse! Monday, November 6th, at 5:15 pm (EST) I go to the web site to order another printer. When you get to the main page there is a “clearly defined” statement that supports their thievery that states “GENERALLY” orders placed after 1 pm process the next business day. This is not listed on the order page where you choose the shipping method, where it should be. Because, on the shipping page it CLEARLY states that there is overnight shipping that can be purchased for $29. I did that…don”t do what I did, they do not take care of customers, no matter how long you have supported them. No one would choose overnight shipping for $29 if it will not be shipped overnight; they would not pay for that, or would choose $19 for two-day shipping or, better yet, just go to the store and purchase ANOTHER brand. Tuesday at 2:30 pm (PST) I checked to find out where the printer is by the link in the email they sent me. No information was available, so I called the customer service number on my e-mailed receipt from Epson from the previous night”s purchase, which also does NOT indicate any delay of an additional day to ship the item to me. Ella in Customer Service stated that she did not know why a tracking number was not on the order so she was going to place me on a two to three minute hold to call the warehouse. After returning to the line she notes the warehouse did not have a tracking number yet. I advised that I paid for overnight shipping. She argued that the “clearly defined” statement from the first page of their order form. I asked to speak with a supervisor to find out about it not being clearly mentioned on the choice of shipping methods, with the time clearly delineated as well. Ella stated that it would be fine to speak with her supervisor, but that person would be giving me the same answer. I have heard bravado statements like this before, so it did not concern me too much. Ella”s supervisor, Jill, connects on the line after several minutes, and proceeds to tell me that Ella did not call the warehouse to try to obtain a tracking number, because she cannot do that; and neither can Jill herself. Jill also stated that it is “clearly delineated” on their site regarding processing orders after 1 pm. They must have done this routine before!! Who does that? Again, I reiterate that on the order form, where the type of shipping method desired is chosen, it is absolutely not indicated that overnight shipping of $29 would not be sent out for 2 days on orders placed an hour after 1 pm (PST), and the information icon on the page only states that FedEx Ground shipments cannot be sent to Alaska or Hawaii (screen shot attached below). In my explanation regarding this is where it should be morally, ethically, and reasonably, just like it is on Amazon when we have Prime and it is not delivered in 2 days. It IS clearly defined. Jill was having none of it. It was their money and she was keeping it, no matter what anyone said. I asked to speak with her supervisor. Jill put me through to Anna in the Escalations Department of Customer Service. Anna confirmed that their site “clearly” states that orders processed even 1 minute after 1 pm (PST), even if you were intentionally misled into a decision that no person in his/her right mind would make having been given all of the facts, and understanding them completely, would make. So I asked Anna to cancel the order. Anna informed me that it is too late to process the cancellation of the shipping charge, so that would not be refunded!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! What?! It had not even left their warehouse according to Ella, but now it was gone and they were due the money. And, moreover, if it was not sent yet, I would be responsible for the shipping cost back to them! It appears that they are charging people additional fees and then shipping items later so their costs are less and passing off the inflated cost to the customer for products that are already over priced. Whatever! Apparently they do not understand that there IS a Judge in heaven. Good luck with that. Seriously NOT deceived! (These revelations about Epson”s business practices are revealed when people are unable to work because they have been without printers for several days…LOL)

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