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Errands From Angels LLC

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Published: 08 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These women are possibly scammers or property thieves: Keep Away! | Why I Used Their Service | They provide the service of running errands as well as doing house keeping. | I needed someone to pickup my property that was being held by the Postal Inspection Service as I moved to a new state since I was arrested. | These detail are necessary to fully understand exactly how they ripped me off or provided extremely incompetent service: | I was accused of fraud. The case was closed. I was arrested in California. I am now in the state of Oregon so I called Errands From Angels & asked them to pick up my property from the Postal Inspection Service. I was short on funds so I told her if she could sell the computers on eBay she could probably at least get the $50 need to ship the property back. She told be the computers were worthless so I had to wait until I got my next monthly payment. I sent here $80 via PayPal for storage & return of property. I got the package. It was way too small. I open it up & no tower computer or laptop PC. Before this, although the Postal Inspector sent me property claim forms listing the property he would allow me to reclaim, after sending him an email to ask why he was not returning one of my flash drives, he just said I was not getting any of my password protected property back. Then I asked him was he going to give me the listed computers back & he would not answer the emails. So I filed a mail fraud claim against him. Then he contacted me & gave me the go ahead to send Errands From ‘Angeles’ to pick up my stuff. So she could not sell my computer so she should have sent them back. | I called here today & she lies & said I gave her permission to trough them away & she said that’s what she did. This is very suspicious as it appears possibly that the Postal Inspector found a way to keep my computers & say he sent them to me by conspiring with her. It is very suspicious to me that he said I was not getting my password protected devices back & it turns out in the end they are sitting in his officer or never left (or in the trash) – what every happened, this is exactly what he wanted. Perhaps Angela or Jessica from Errands From ‘Angels’ gave or sold the computer back to him after she allegedly could not sell them. Or perhaps she sold the computers on or offline. Or perhaps she threw them away: doubtful – as my ESP told me she is lying to me. Also, the postal inspector seemed afraid to say certain things to me over email & was harassing me to talk to him by phone. | Errands From ‘Angels’ seems to be copying his behavior as I sent her an email so she would have a record that I was allowing her specifically to sell the two computers in exchange for shipping. She’s told me she did not read or receive more than one email from me aster I asked her about them on the phone. Now she is playing stupid because she I cooperating in a possibly illegal conspiracy against me, or she sold the things or she threw them in the trash. The computers are not worthless. A lot of people don’t want to leave Windows Xp (as was installed on both my computers), & when their computers break, they go to eBay looking for a replacement Xp computers. A lot of used computers sellers sell Xp computers for about the same price as they sell computer with Windows 8 or 10. Yes it highly likely the postal inspectors investigation of me if illegal. I used the freedom of information act to request info into the possible investigation of my self by Postal Inspector Thompson. They told me they could not give me any info for an open case. I think Thompson pressed to have case reopened after he learned of the subversive websites against government corruption I put up seeking political change AFTER he learned of the websites. If my speculated timing is right, it seems he wants me locked back up because he does not want me to achieve any of the goals listed on my website – including filing lawsuits for their illegal and/or unconstitutional actions against me if advise by attorney that I have legitimate reasons to file civil and/or criminal lawsuits. | It is a serious federal offense to conspires to shut someone up because you don’t want them to exercise freedom of speech, or because of race or religious views – especially if one abuses law enforcement powers to do so – if my understanding is correct. If postal inspector and AUSA did not anger me by violation my rights the websites would not be. Maybe the FBI with sort everything out soon. | Something else that is suspicious: Why would an experienced company though your property away without a signature or at least an email record? Do they want people to think they are too stupid to think they could be held liable or at least taken to court if there is a “miscommunication” as Angela told me there was over the phone? They have been in business for 4 years. INCREDIBLE (probably a lie)!

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