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Published: 31 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Esurance says it is for the modern age, backed by Allstate. I have done much research and found more bad than gpod on this company, and after our experience with them, I would have to go with the bad. So many have claimed how they have got cheap insurance through them. I as anyoneone knows, your credit among the state casulty, the accidents, where you store your car, etc can affect the premium. But do not be fooled by the low premium they offer you. It will go up and up. Then when you pay all of your premiums on time, no accidents, but you have someone pull over in front of you from the left lane and you automatically turn left to avoid it, but your right front catches them in the back. They consider it your fault. even if they come to a dead stop, have no insurance, no DL. This is what happened to my wife after leaving work, a van pulled from the left lane, stopped in front of her, she swerved to the left to avoid them but caught them with the right front of her car. They were in the country illegal, no DL, no Insurance, told her to leave, No cops. She went by the book and waited til a public safety officer showed up, being it was a slight fender bender. But the officer took their report, being one was able to speak english now, notice I said their report. Because he disallowed anything she said and took their word they she came flying up behind them and hit them in the reaer end. My wife had to get the police report to find this out. No pictures were taking, no citations were giving. No one was going to jail eventhough, no Insurance or DL. So Esurance did not do its own investigation and just considered it to be our faught. If you like to gamble with your life and finances, and like to hear people throw race in the game when you mention illegal hispanics, you will love this company. They will do there best to hook you in, take your money, raise your rates every chance they get, then when you have been done in from everyone else, they will pour salt on the wound. I live in Indiana, Indianapolis to be exact, all the attorneys we called or contacted did not want to talk to us because the other car did not have Insurance. And the driver and all who was in it did not own the vehicle, it belonged to someone else. Esurance paid the little over $700 for their part but we were out $1000 on our deductible. I don’t know, I just do not think this is right. Esurance can be a Isurance company who is backed by Allstate. Should they not be just one company. Is this considered a conflict of interest. So if they use the backed by Allstate, why are they called Esurance. Who are they? Esurance or Allstate? I just hope someone can help to see if this company cannot work in the state of Indiana. Yes I am mad, but that is beside the point. My wife had to do all the leg work, sending them even a fudge copy of the accident report. If you have had a problem with this company, lets see if we can get a class action Lawsuit against this company and go all the way to Allstate since they claim they are backed by them and Allstate has no problem with it. If you are a consumer who has been wronged with by them, an Indiana Lawyer who thinks this is wrong even all the way to the PSO who wrote up and fudge the report. Help me go after this company and make them pay for not only us but for all they have done wrong, that includes Allstate. I am no asking for no money, I wished I had my deductible back just as the principle, but I want this company to pay and to pay a lot. They broke the banks up, I think Esurance and Allstate needs to be broken up after they have paid fines and gave account for their practices. Join me in Indiana and through the country. To make these comapanies pay and not get by with this scam they are pulling. I am no lawyer, but if you are one, you can put the words in the right way and make it say what it needs to say to make them pay. .

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