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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I applied for a specific position within this company, offered salary was $35-$45k a year plus bonuses. I was called in to interview for this position. Interviewed with the HR rep, was told he liked me, he went to talk to the Operations Manager and CS/Collections Dept Manager, then took me up to their offices. I sat down with the Operations Manager, he immediately told me I didn’t have the qualifications they were looking for and interviewed me for a different position. I was offered a CSR position making only $30k a year. I then went and sat with the Dept Manager and he just verified I had the job, then game me my schedule. I worked as a CSR rep for about two weeks, after receiving only two days training. I was offered the job I initially applied for because I had been doing both jobs and was producing results. | I worked several weeks in the position I had applied for, received good feedback and was producing results. I watched as everyone I trained with were all fired. The supervisor that trained me was fired. PTO? You can take time off, make it up on the weekend, or not get paid. Work OT? NO time and a half. 3 paid holidays a year, UNLESS you’re scheduled to work…NOT TIME AND A HALF!! Was told about bonuses as part of my compensation, was offered in the application. NO BONUS PROGRAM SETUP…..They’re working on it. Vision and Dental after 75 days, Medical after 90….I was fired from my position the day before my first premiums would be drawn. Rememeber how I said employees were being fired left and right? People were hired back after being fired. A Manager’s GF was written up SEVERAL times before finally being let go. I am absolutely sure she will be hired back now that I am gone. | I get terminated, and ask why. I was written up for the first time the day before, was told not to worry that my job wasn’t on the line. Was told by my Manager that I was liked and was doing a great job. Was told I needed to use the tools provided me as directed. I was good at my job, was told several times that I was doing a great job. I was recognized and complemented by one of the company’s owners. I was terminated, because I’m not where the company feels I should be, and they believe I never will be. My Manager explains to me he’s just a tool and it’s not his choice, the owners want me out. Can’t offer me any better an explanation. I asked what I lacked, what I need to work on, and the response was, I just don’t fit in with the copmanies needs. Sure…I’m educated, I notice when things are wrong and point them out…..I guess in doing my job, pointing out the unethical and illegal practices of our salespeople I put a target on my back. I was just trying to prevent them from getting sued…That was my JOB!!! Oh well, Good Riddance | In my interview, I asked specifically how long the company had been in business, I was told over 10 years. Hmmmm, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017…That’s only 5 years so far. As I worked there I looked around, I knew I wasn’t going to stay there and I was sure I would be let go before I would receive any benefits. That’s exactly what happened. While being let go, I pointed out that there are employees that are late everday, taking long breaks, violating dress code and other policy infractions, they still have jobs. I was told, this is about me not them. We’re not the same, there are different expectations for everyone. Isn’t that discrimination? I mean, we all have the same job but you have different expectations for each of us? | I guess sitting at my desk and doing my job, doesn’t meet expectations? OR is it that I didn’t attend the after hours events? I work later than most of the group, and I’m roughly 20 years older. Sitting in a bar, getting falling down drunk doesn’t appeal to me. I didn’t come into work Monday complaining of being hungover. This may explain why as a Financial Services Co, Title Loans Co, there was no background check, and no drug test.

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