Everybody Rides Lafayette

Everybody Rides Lafayette

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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

WHEN I CAME OUT SIDE HE CALLED THE POLICE AND I ASKS HIM Y HE DID THAT HE GOT REAL UGLY WITH ME AND SAID BC I HAD TO SO I WAS LIKE FOR WHAT WHEN IAM TO MY HOME I SAID THE POLICE CAN EVEN TELL U THIS IS WHERE I STAYED AT MY GRANNY CAME OUTSIDE VERY UPSET BECOUSE WHAT THE GUY DID NOW THE LADY THATS OVER MY ACCOUNT SHE IS SO SO SO RUDE YES I HAVE MY FULTS AS WELL I KEPT SAYIN I WAS COMIN IN BUT SOMETHING CAME UP AND I DIDNT SHOW BUT I ALWAYS CALLED HER AND LET HER KNOW WHAT WAS GOIN ON THE WAY SHE HAVE TALK TO ME LIKE IAM HER CHILD AND I COULDN’T KEEP LETTING HER TALK TO ME ANYKIND OF WAY SO I GOT TRIED OF HER DOIN THAT SO I GOT SMART BACK I HAVE PUT 4000 INTO THIS CAR OF MY HARD WORLING MONEY WHEN I GOT THA CAR IT WAS PROBLEMS WITH THINGS I NEVER WORRIED THEM I WENT HEAD AND FIX IT MYSELF BECOUSE THEY HAVE TOLD ME TO BRING IT IN BUT I HAD TO FIND A RIDE BACK HOME SO THEY CAN FIX IT SO LIKE I SAID WELL THIS IS MY ONLY CAR NO ONE WILL COME GET ME IF I DROP IT OFF SO I JUST DID THINGS ON MY OWN FOR THA CAR NO PROBLEM BUT NOW THEY DO NOT WANT TO GIVE ME MY CAR BACK AT ALL I JUST STARTED THIS NEW JOB AND THIS JOB REQUIRE A CAR MY NEW BOSS CALLED ME THIS MORNING FOR ME TO COME IN WITCH I COULDN’T COME IN BECOUSE I DONT HAVE MY CAR BUT SOMETHING GOTS TO GIVE ARE I WANT NOT ALL MY MONEY BACK SO I CAN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND GET ME ANOTHER CAR BUT I WILL SAY THIS I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE EVER DEAL WITH EVERYBODY RIDES AGAIN ARE SEND ANYONE TO THEM BC AS I WAS READING ONLINE THEY HAVE HURT ALOT OF PEOPLE AND THATS NOT RIGHT I AM A MOTHER AND SOON TO BE GRANDMOTHER AND I CANT TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY WITH OUT MY CAR TO GET TO WORK ITS NO WAY LIKE I SAID I PUT TO MUCH MONEY INTO THIS AND NO ONE GETS INTOUCH WITH ME I WILL TAKE THIS MATTER FATER AND THIS IS NO LIE AND YALL CAN CALL ME AT I DONT CARE ABOUT SHOWING. MY NUMBER AT ALL I NEED SOME HELP FOR SOME ONE REALLY I DO I HAVE TO GET MY CAR BACK BECOUSE I HAVE A FAMILY TO TAKE CARE OF I AM SINGLE MOTHER DOIN IT ON MY OWN AND THE WAY I HAVE BEEN TREATED IS UUNFAR THANKS FOR YALL TIME AND MAY GOD BLESS LAFAYETTE LOUIS | I got a car from everybody rides in Lafayette Louisiana i put down 4000 when I got the car it was problems I told them about it but they want me to bring it in and drop it off so as I explan to them this was my only car so I just went head and deal with the problem myself never worried them again OK so as time went by I had lost my job I was back on my note the first lady I had on my account ms holly she was very nice and understand I had so much respect for her I went paid my first note then about two weeks they had another lady on my account Mz liella lord she his the most hardest person anyone can deal with yes I have my fult and I kept TELLIN her I was comin in but I won’t make it and she knew that BC I would call her and tell it to her well long story short her repo guy come to get the car I went home to get my things out of the car next thing u know I come out side I see two cops so ask why are they here so the repo guy said I called them so iam like for what he goin to say becouse I wanted to so I look at him and told him these cops can tell u this is where I stay and the cops look at him and said yes this is where she stay they guy was very rude and disrespectful saying very ugly things to me so I told him something back well anyways I called Mz liella and told her that iam comin get my car Friday but so happen I had them money yesterday so I called her to see where do I have to go and get my car shes GOIN to tell me we not giving ur car back and iam like excuse me I got mad so like I told her I just started my new job and I need my car to get to work iam a single mother and soon to be grandmother and I need my car to take car of my Lil family meaning I have to get to work she goin to tell me that’s not my problem so I told her I was goin to report her scent its not her problem all iam sayin is I need my car so I can go to work and when I get my car back I don’t want her over my account at all she is very rude and as I seen on y’all wed site iam. Not tha only person. They have done this to I see many more wow they take our money and then to hell with everything else and that’s not right at all I don’t mind sending my number to y’all but something got to give plz gave me at all at I need to speak with someone about this matter really I do thanks so much

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