Ewald Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Franklin

Ewald Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Franklin

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Published: 25 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

E-mail sent to my car dealership General Manager at 10 pm Tuesday June 20th. “Hi Mr. M…. My name is Chris. Early this morning my Jeep was left for service at your Franklin location. The air conditioner blowing out very little cold air. I signed a diagnostic/repair form, then left the keys with Nick at the service desk. | After waiting a few minutes, Sue the driver transported me from the dealership. Spoke with Nick again on the phone in the afternoon. He informed me the Service plan covered the entire repair yet would not be completed. The parts(hoses) were unable to be recovered from back order, and will need to be Special Ordered with no date as when it would arrive. | Sue transported me back to the dealership. I recovered the car late today after speaking with Nick a third time. Before receiving the Jeep a oil change requested this morning needed to be completed. After shaking Nicks hand I was given my keys and shown to my car. I asked if I should call later in the week, he had no answer. | Pulling away, only warm air blew having a strong stench. Also was not given the service order I signed.”” The forecast is 87 for Thursday.”- | I would appreciate your help. | Thank you Mr. M***a | TODAY-Arrived at car dealership at 3:30. Left At 8:30. Service scheduled for air conditioning yesterday. Couldn’t be fixed due to hoses that are unavailable this week, not available on back order, and would need to be special ordered with no date as when they could be received. Oil change done with tires rotated. | Leave house today driving to The VA grounds. Whenever coming to a stop the brakes were grinding horribly, getting increasingly worse, stopping very difficultly each time. Brakes checked by dealership a few months ago. Told breaks checked out with no issues. At Veterans administration, walk out of my car right rotor ground down so deeply, metal was shearing off. Rotor completely destroyed. Knew with the Air conditioning ‘Special order’ needed and issues with their service department in the past. Sh*t just got real. Drive from the VA to dealership. | Arrive, pull up into service department. Find Nick the service manager helping me with the air conditioning inspection Tuesday. Show him rotor telling him this must be repaired, I am aware you guys did this. Sit in waiting area for a hour or two. | Talk with the service manager Steve next. He looks at the rotor and I explain to him they checked the brakes a few months ago with no issues. Nick then told Steve the tires were rotated yesterday during my oil change performed there. Tuesday was told breaks were worn yet No mention of safety. Steve today argues the breaks were already worn to the point of failure (they inspected and turned them Tuesday). I then spend a hour in Steve’s office waiting for the sales manager Paul. | During this time Steve tells me how he became service manager there last November. Speaking to each other with friendly contempt for one another. I learn how long he has been a mechanic. He tells me he has been in the industry 40 years. He acknowledges in his entire career he has not seen a break and rotor become this destroyed within one day after service performed. I wait in his office for an hour. Paul arrives. Paul and I then walk to Paul’s office. | Speak to Paul for a hour, he introduces himself a a ten year army veteran. We speak of the rotor while walking from his office to my car. He acknowledges the destroyed rotor upon seeing it. Back to his office. He begins to tells me off of being a captain during his black ops time. He worked special forces during the 80s. Was paid by a ‘Slush’ fund Ronald Reagan provided for he and his team. Being black ops he insisted there record of his time served. Insisting proudly he has no DD214 and the government has no documentation of his time. He recently was awarded the silver star, the purple heart, and the medal of valor. Though his service time ended back in the 90’s, he received the awards recently. -.’- French foreign legion had to have the United states government award them due having been black ops. ‘His office door open for other sales staff to hear the entire time.’ | He agreed he would give me a discount if they(the dealership) performed the repairs incurred from thee rotor/brakes. I Argued I needed the ruined parts replaced at no cost to me. He refused and went back to his story. He has been in 9 wars and 11 countries. He spoke of a time when Ronald Reagan and the defense secretary called him for a special mission in the 80’s and were willing to give a cash reward. He seemed pretty excited about this one. I nodded and smiled throughout his stories. | Widening my eyes in amazement during the exciting parts. I repeatedly pleaded my case of this being a repair fraud, he refused to acknowledge. Store closing soon and knowing this isn’t right and isn’t going to pass. Steve(prior to this) and Paul both acknowledged the vehicle couldn’t and wouldn’t have been turned over to me yesterday if it was not safe to drive. | The car when left with the dealer today was dangerous to drive and unable to be moved without causing more significant damage. Employees had gathered near his office as others are leaving work. At this point he agreed to cover the damaged rotor. Signing a paper acknowledging responsibility for replacement of the rotor. My car is unsafe to drive. With the rotor that torn apart I have no confidence as to the condition of the rest of the brake system. I also have very little comfort as to what other damages were caused to the vehicle by the dealership service department. | Ewald Military Advantage Chris, we appreciate your loyalty to our company and we apologize for any miscommunication. We are in the process of resolving the concern, but we’re unable to connect with you. We truly appreciate your business and service to our country. We hope to get in contact with you soon. | K. Chris I was with you pretty much all day yesterday and they did NOT try to contact you. I’d call them and date and time stamp it. Seems like a cover up to me. | Chris. My car now has four old/worn tires, including a white wall tire. The spare is still one of the originals. Service manager looked at it. He said he would contact his operations manager. No word since last Wednesday. Ewald Military Advantage Chris, we truly apologize for the misunderstanding during your visit with us. We can assure you that we would never under and circumstances use used parts on any of our vehicles.There is no indication from the previous tread depth reading that the tire…See More | C. A month has passed since the tread reports were requested. Air conditioner hoses have become available a month and a half from the first visit. My car’s odometer has 4000 extra miles since the day of the incident. Miles I would have been unable to add in three weeks after a near 1000 dollar break repair. Please help. | C. Just had car towed. Tow truck found old, heavily worn batt

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