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Published: 17 July 2019

Posted by: dineshkummar

Hi Guys, I have hosted my domains named www.tradingbhavishya.com and www.technokrazy.com with e-webguru.com for past 3 years. April 2016 my renewal date came and I have renewed both the domains and web space as well. I have paid amount of Rs 5719.28 for web space and renewed it.(Paid separately for two domain renewal as well) After 13th day both the sites were down for 13 days and their technical support executives said there were some network issues, After 2nd day from the date of issue they informed me that sites are up and running, but sites were not working I have updated same in their ticket, So they have decided to move the domains to different servers to make that up.(They have moved to 4 different servers) I have asked the reason they said your websites are not accepting the latest MYSQL version, they said they have upgraded the MYSQL, I have asked the reason how come you can upgrade without any prior information to clients(me), after having so many conversations through tickets and chats I was frustrated with their technical support guys, (Had Proof) So Finally I have moved my web space to another service provider, the data which I have took from their servers, all are corrupted and I have took 5 days to make the website to work. Even I have asked the reason they have not even gave proper response through chat or ticket. After both the domains started working with new web hosting provider I have asked for money refund which I have paid for renewal(Web Space), I have mentioned same in ticket that I have moved my content to another service provider, (As domain is with them and it renewed just one month and I have pointed Name space to other service provider) even without reading that they have updated that your websites are working normal. I have asked them to read it carefully(because content was hosted with another service provider then suppose it has to work normal only, they don”t that common sense), after that no update from them I have tried and tried through chat, mails & ticket no response from them, most of the guys in the company don”t know how to read English, initially they said they can”t refund the money which I have paid for renewal, I was so frustrated and I have posted the complain in consumercourt.in and updated the link in their ticket as well, after seeing the links they came up and said they will refund to settle the case. But they have put a condition that they will refund the money only after removing the complaint from the internet. I said OK and removed it, and I have mentioned in the ticket as :”I will accept the money which you have mentioned with tentative(Cautious) acceptance” because I am getting my full money back, I thought they will refund the full amount which I have paid for the renewal, But they have not informed me in the chat about how much they are going to refund they have deducted Rs 1224 ( one month charge of Rs 500/- and service tax charge of Rs 724/- i.e total Rs 1224/-) they mentioned same in ticket and refunded Rs 4995. I have asked the reason to the renewal support executive through chat, he said it is one month charges because I have used their web hosting service (looks like comedy, because websites were down on 13 day itself) I was shocked of seeing his reply in ticket and the refunded amount because my sites were down for 13 days. I have updated in the ticket that I don”t want the money which you have refunded that in bits and pieces, there is no reply for that, I have mentioned that in the ticket that I will refund the money to you back, I need my full money back which paid for renewal. Again having so many follow-up(Call, Mails & Chats) and frustrations I have decided why should I have to leave balance money. (Any one let me now IF I am wrong). I was so frustrated with this big cheater & fraud web hosting company ewebguru.com again I have posted about the issues and things they have did for me in consumercourt.in even in the same ticket I have mentioned that I need penalty of Rs 50000 because my sites were down for 13 days and for my frustrations as well, mentioned the amount that they have refunded in cosumercourt.in.I have posted the link in the ticket as well, I need my balance money back. After seeing the link which I have posted with additional information which they have cheated and fraud done for me, Now they have removed my both the domains(I have paid amount for both the domains renewal) from their consoles and mentioned the reason as : “Your .COM Domain Name has been moved to another Customer.” that I have cheated them and I am fraud, because after getting the money I have posted it again.( they don”t know how to read English). They will do want they want and client have to accept it and without client permission they will remove the domains which I have paid. Now my sites were down. I have asked the reason in the ticket how you can remove my domains without prior information or approval from me from the domain consoles, So they have updated in the ticket as “Call us to resolve the issue.” I have called them on 01-08-2016 They said they want the money back which they refunded to me, I have to pay penalty to them because I have posted the link again on the internet forum. I had fight with them, one of the guy who was speaking with me laughing and saying do what you want, I have recorded the conversation as well. In the call the person saying I am greedy for Rs 500 🙂 that is why I have posted the complain again, do you guys think this guys running a web hosting company or fish market :), This is my ticket details from the fraud & cheater web hosting company www.ewebguru.com #224510 – Not satisfied with the Service from E-webguru [MERGED] #569177 – Need to migrate my all websites to working & Stable Server. #783357 – Unable to connect my site through FTP #390644 – Site Tradingbhavishya is down #933215 – Need to move Technokrazy to another server #433345 – Tradingbhavishya Site is down They don”t have any policies, rules, procedures of web hosting have. They are running blindly even if client data goes. We have to teach a lesson to this type of cheating & Fraud web hosting companies. [Note : For all above what I have said I have proof (soft copy)] I am going to post this issues to all forums, face books links etc… to aware of such fraud and cheater web hosting provider in India, Clients who is having more secured and information data Kindly requesting clients, Customers and Webhosters don”t go and host your websites with this cheating and fraud web hosting providers E-Webguru.com. Already I have contact the registrars to mark this Resellers (E-webguru.com) in the black list in the web hosting providers list. So Clients will not be cheated by this type of cheating and fraud web hosting providers. I am talking with my lawyer how to take up this case like data security breach or by cyber crime, I am going to put them with high penalty (Rs lac to 3 lacs) to this company of my web site down, Data loss, threatening the client, etc.. IF any any one got cheated with this company please send me the mail so that it will be good for us to take this issue seriously to mark this in the black listed company in the web hosting provider list. Contact me @ [protected]@yahoo.com [Note : I have updating this link(of this post in this forum) into their ticket as well.] Regards, S. Dhinesh Kumar Technical Architect [protected]@yahoo.com

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