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Living in a Scammer’s Paradise

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Published: 23 July 2019

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“Beware the dark side of the web!” Have you ever heard this before? Possibly from a friend or parent? From someone who cares for you? Well, have they ever told you what the dark side of web is, or rather, who? 

Let me help you there. The dark, scam-filled web is synonymous with one name. One man. 

One Ewen Chia. 



Chia has been in the online marketing business since 1997. You must be wondering how such a person, a fraud, can be in a line of work for so long without being caught.

Well, fraud prances around society with many names, wearing a variety of masks. Take top brand Gucci for example. Their products cost them 8% of the amount they sell for. The rest goes into their wallet, while yours is emptied. And most of the time, the product is not worth the cost.

Similar is the case with Ewen Chia’s set of services. His products have many problems, including being overpriced rip-offs and scams. Why, you ask, are his products all a scam? Let me help you understand the answer.


Ewen Chia’s Website and Social Media – My Experience

Upon opening the website, you will immediately be bombarded with messages and advertisements. The first thing you will see is a pop-up window asking for permission to send you messages about promos and offers. While it is sweet of them to ask for permission, it is unprofessional to keep sending unwanted notifications, nonstop. 

Websites that are desperate for traffic, use this method to encourage visitors to re-visit the site. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but one must understand that no truly successful website does this, suggesting that Ewen Chia’s site is starved of visitors. The pop-up method he is using is a sign of weak marketing skills.  

When we look at Mr. Chia’s Facebook, we can see that it’s updated regularly, but, despite having over 20’000 page follows, his posts, on average, receive less than 10 likes. This behaviour is abnormal for a person who claims to be an internet star. It should be noted that in today’s technologically advanced age anyone can buy followers for cheap through online marketing agencies that specialize in helping a page get more followers, most of which are inactive. We must remember than even Ewen Chia could have used this method because his posts do not get likes, so most of his followers are either inactive or do not like what they see on his page. Either way, it proves that Mr. Chia is not as great a star as he claims. This weakens his claim to internet stardom and success.


Books (A.K.A. SCAMS)

“Wrote a book that became a 1 International best-selling print book in just 24 hours.” – Source: ewenchia.com

Ask yourself this, how is it that “a book” sells out and achieves a chart-topping 1 status within 24-hours of its launch when most people have never even heard the name Ewen Chia? Whereas when the name of a truly famous self-help author is taken, such as Mark Manson, people recognize it and appreciate it. Manson’s book, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck was a 1 Bestseller because the author behind it was not a fraud or a con-artist. His book genuinely helped people, who then shared it, which is what made it famous. That’s how business and marketing work, contrary to Mr. Chia’s claim on his website. Do you know what sells out in 24 hours? A Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. That too because people follow the Kardashians on T.V, and the makeup rage has never been greater than it is today. Books, on the other hand, especially the ones that cost over the average $10, do not sell that fast. Books about business, like Chia’s, sell last because they only make sense to very few people who are interested in business or have a business background. How, then, can Ewen Chia’s business-based book sell out so fast, and reach the 1 bestseller’s list within just one day? It is simply not possible! 

In conclusion, Chia’s name is not only unheard of in the larger market, but it is also the name of a scammer! In addition to this, his website has not even mentioned the name of this book, which lowers the claim’s credibility even further.


The Copy-Paste Income Scam 

Why would someone sell their secrets of the pathway that took them to a billionaire status for $37? Ask yourself. Just one reason why. 

Mr. Ewen Chia is doing exactly that. His latest project, copypasteincome.com, claims that you, and anyone like you, can make over $3,000 in one week simply by copy-pasting according to his instructions every morning for a very short amount of time. The only thing is that you’ll have to pay $37 to purchase his top-secret programme. What’s more, if you scroll down to the end of the page and read the fine print, it clearly says that there is no true guarantee of you making any money from the programme. This means that Mr. Chia can’t claim that his products and methods will always work, because on his website, at the bottom, it says that there is no guarantee!

Also, note that every new day you log on, the date on the website changes, tricking you into believing that the product has been freshly launched. I’ll tell you why this is a problem. Firstly, as stated previously, this method will make everyone believe that the product is new on the market, and was launched the same day because the launch date on the page is the same as your visit’s! Of course, it will be the same, because it changes every day to match the true date in real life. What a scam! 

 Secondly, when one scrolls down and sees the site’s promise saying that the product is available for a limited time only, they believe that, too! Why wouldn’t they, when the date at the top of the screen changes with real time? This method adds time-pressure to the buyer, forcing them to make a quick decision, feeling that if they do not buy the product, soon enough it will be gone forever, which is not true. It is a fake belief created by the date that automatically refreshes every day to make you feel like the product is new when in actuality it has been around for years.

The internet is brimming with negative reviews of Copy-Paste Income. All it takes is one Google search. There must be some positive reviews, too, though…right? Nope. If that isn’t a clear indicator that the programme is a scam, then what is?

However, we should also remember that the programme does teach us some useful tips regarding general business management, but that’s all it does. Even a chat over coffee with a friend in business could tell you the same. There is no true use of purchasing another one of Ewen Chia’s scam products.

Furthermore, why would a man who claims to have millions to his name be determined on giving away his money-making secret for $37 when he could make a hundred times more than that in a week, as he claims he can? It is worth thinking about. A businessman never spills his secrets. Millionaires do not need to sell the same product to everyone that made them rich.  $37 should be worth peanuts to Mr. Chia if his dynasty is as successful as he claims. But, then again, is it really that successful…or is it a scam?

Obviously, it’s a scam!

Here are screenshots of the date changing, as claimed above:  






 At least we support our claims with direct evidence, even though Ewen Chia can not!

Free Versus Paid

Shown below is a screenshot from copypasteincome.com, one of Ewen Chia’s services that the above paragraph spoke about.




Now, it is important to question why Ewen Chia can afford to give away a video priced at $97 for “free” but is unable to give a programme worth $37 for free, instead. Why is the cheaper product being charged for, and the one worth three times its price being given away for free? 

The answer is simple. The video priced at $97 is not actually worth that much. It is a fake, inflated price chosen to make us believe we are getting something worth a lot for free. Anyone with a good business mind would not give away an expensive programme for free, and charge for the less expensive one. It defies basic marketing and budgeting strategy. Another reason why one can safely agree that Ewen Chia’s work is a massive, impressive scam.

On a side note, they also state that they will be processing your “data.” This means that they might gain access to your other files and read them without true permission. Please always be sure to read the small print before agreeing to such offers.


The Autopilot Profits Trap

Less than five seconds after logging on to autopilotprofits.com, I am bombarded with another flashy pop-up telling me I can get a “secret” video worth $27 for “free!” All I have to do is sign up without further thought or delay, so I don’t miss my chance. 




Anyone with even a day’s worth of marketing experience will know that it is near impossible to make actual money when you’re giving away free things all of the time, every time someone logs on to your website. In all honesty, I don’t think Ewen Chia understands this. On the other hand, if he does understand this and still uses this method there are only two reasonable justifications: either he is just crazy, or this video offer of his is a scam.

It couldn’t be any more obvious that the answer is that he is just a scam, and all of his products are also scams.

Also, do note that the offer expires on the same day as you have opened the website. Like with copypasteincome.com, this date, too, changes with time according to the date displayed on your computer device. That’s cheating because it makes you think the product was launched on the same day that you logged in on.

Moving on, let’s analyse the actual programme.

There is only one good thing in the entire programme: it is sold through ClickBank, a genuine platform. This means you still have a chance of getting a refund if you do not like the purchased programme. But, still, there is no true guarantee that the refund will go through. Lots of people have reported that they did not get refunds and all their emails asking for refunds were ignored. That’s why it is better to be safe and avoid the programme altogether.

Now, let’s go over the bad side of Autopilot. If you really want to have a chance at making a good profit using the programme, you will have to give in to the many upsells that plague it. Upsells are extra videos and pathways that are present on the original programme’s page. They claim they can help you make even more money and boost your success by motivating you to work harder towards your goals using their methods. If, even after paying $37 (the same price as for copypasteincome.com) a customer is expected to pay even more, the only thing they will be motivated enough to do is give up! And, because giving up is the customer’s own decision, it does not form a solid reason for claiming a refund. That is why a refund may be out of the question altogether, and ClickBank and Ewen Chia will not refund your money. This means that Ewen Chia’s “money-back guarantee” also becomes invalid! 

There are many complaint from customers all across the internet claiming that their refund request did not work. It is best to, therefore, stay away from such scams and avoid putting your money on the line. 

That’s not all. The upsell method gets so bad that there are fourteen upsell links compared to only three links for actual money-making lessons. Talk about a false promise!

But, wait! If you take too long to decide on whether or not to sign up for his free video lecture, a new pop-up window opens, offering you a free seat for yet another money-making course. The pop-up tells you there are limited seats, making you feel like you should sign up before it’s too late. Don’t believe this nonsense, though. This is a very common method con-artists use to create panic and pressurise people into signing up for their scams.




The problem with Autopilot Profits is that it is years old, and the price has not changed, despite worldwide inflation and Ewen Chia’s claim that his product will rise in price by $10 every time 100 people purchase it, according to his website, autopilotprofits.com. 

He states that he aims to make 1000 people sign up. It’s hard to understand why, in all these years, he has not managed to get 1000 sign ups, even though he claims to be the “ 1 Internet Marketing Affiliate.” We know he has not gotten so many sign-ups because he tells us that once his sign up goal is achieved, he will shut down his website. Which he has not. And he never will, because it’s one of his many scam-hubs. 

This makes us question that if he could not reach his goal in all these years, then are his products as great as he says they are? 

The only other explanation is that his 1000 person goal is a lie and scam, because it is likely that he would have reached his goal in all the years of his product’s launching, but he is lying to us so that we feel we are amongst the lucky few who have managed to buy his product. Talk about a scam!


Conclusion and What Others Think

Ewen Chia claims to have made a great name for himself in the world on online business. His work is outdated. It is from the last decade when things on the internet were very different. Most of his methods are not useful or valid today, and spending money on them would be a waste of money, time and effort. 

Nobody should have to pay for Ewen Chia’s silly videos. There are millions of better videos to help us on YouTube, and all of them are 100% free! Hundreds of people, if not thousands, have posted negative reviews online about how bad Ewen chia’s products are. Most people call him a con-artist, a fake, cheater and scammer. People’s experience with him dictates that his work is old-fashioned and only relevant for the internet generation before 2010. They say their money went to waste…all their hard earned money that will never be refunded because, despite his money-back guarantee, Ewen Chia never gives refunds. If he did, he would be broke and not rich, because he gets rich off the money he essentially steals from people by giving them scammed products in return!

Criticism of his products got so bad, that he had to make a whole new website to tell everyone that the negative reports people are writing about his work are all fake. The truth is that it is Ewen Chia’s work is horribly bad.

In conclusion, we must all be careful and not fall into his trap. We must recognize Ewen Chia for what he truly is: a top-of-the-line scam artist who just wants to trick you out of your money.


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