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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I decided to move to a different state and wanted to hire some company so that they can deliver my car because I couldn’t drive it for such a long distance. I did some research and found Exclusive Auto Shipping which had 5 stars ratings and there was not even a single 1-star rating for them. I thought they would be the best for me as their ratings show but let me tell you one thing that all their ratings are fake and self-generated by their own employees and workers. I had a terrible experience with them, their customer service is pathetic and it looks like there is no communication among them.
The drivers are unprofessional and they had no idea how to handle a customer. I decided to call Exclusive Auto Shipping to set up a date to pick up my car. Everything was set up on the day of delivery and just when everything was working fine until I got a call from Exclusive Auto Shipping telling me that currently there are no drivers available so I had to wait till the evening.
I was furious to hear it because I had my flight in the night and I couldn’t wait for so long. Well somehow after getting in touch with their managers he managed to send a driver but later on told me that he would be going to charge extra fees for this thing. Well, this was not my mistake if they could not arrange a driver for me and I was not responsible for it. The manager agreed to it at the moment but I, later on, got to know that he actually had charged me some extra amount of fees without my permission on my card.
The driver came and started to load my car. He looked unprofessional because of the way he was handling my car I had an intuition that this would get my car damaged. The shipment should have reached till Saturday morning but it was still not there. I had to cancel several appointments to make sure I was available at the home but the driver didn’t arrive. I made a call to Exclusive Auto Shipping to track the status of my shipment and got to know that he would reach my place around till evening. When I received my shipment in the evening I got mad because my car had scratches on it. Upon asking the driver about it he came up with a lame excuse and told me that they were already before. I told him that my car didn’t have any scratches but he wouldn’t accept his fault. I told him that I’d complain to his supervisors about it but his reaction was like, ‘let’s see what you can do’. When I called the management of this place, they sided with the driver and called me a liar and a scum for trying to ‘scam’ them like this. Seriously? They are just a bunch of goons.

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