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Published: 20 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

Hi, I’m a single mom. I was hired by this company exquisite home products like a month ago. When I got hired they said you get paid $1500 every two weeks regardless you sell or not. Paid vacations, benefits and travels. You have to find your own customers and you start by ripping off your family with their expensive products. The truth is you have to visit 30 people every 2 weeks. You give a 3hrs. Presentation about their products, after you get your family in debt and if you dont have anybodyelse to ripp off they tell you have to go door to door, cold calling, stand outside of a supermarket and bother people in order to succeed in this business which I never did !! ones you don’t have more family you don’t sell & you don’t get paid !!!Paid vacations and traveling ??? You got to qualified for every trip !!! You have to sell $35,000 to qualified for a convention where most companies like this one with less Money take you for free !! Lol. For a vacation that is only going to cost them around $800 the 4 days but you got to bring them $35,000 in new business. Not only that from that $35,000 you don’t get commission of the whole amount, the company keeps 60% of the sale and from the remaining 40% they calculate your percentage in every sale. For example from the remaining 40% they calculate your percentage or commission which it could be a 9% or a 12% of that. So the company keeps almost 80% or more. There’s two more position with a higher commission 24% and 30 % which nobody or not a lot of people reach there’s only a couple that probably get 30% and in ” 30 yrs of business”” this company only has 5 directors that have been there for years trying to build a “”team”” and open up another office. Which from those 5

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