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Published: 23 October 2019

Posted by: Kjmw

1/11/2020 Extended Stay America Corporate Office Headquarters 11525 N. Community House Rd., Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28277 USA To: Bruce Haase, CEO / President This letter is to inform you of our dispute with Extended Stay America located at 3851 Northern Pike, Monroeville, PA 15146. On July 23, 2019 at approx. 12:45 am to 1:00am we checked into the Hotel after a long day driving to see our family. First you need to know that when we first arrived at the Hotel and I attempted to check in and the clerk wanted to charge me for Monday when I was clearly checking in on a Tuesday morning. I was baffled by why a Hotel would charge me for a day that we clearly did not stay. The clerk proceeded to tell me that its Hotel policy and that they are technically still on 7/22/19 since check out is 11am and since we were checking in at approx. 1am on 7/23/19 it was still 7/22/19 in the Hotels eyes. So, I did cancel that only to have him recharge the card because we were so tired and didn’t want to drive anymore to try and find a room. I do have proof of cancellation of the first transaction but not the 2nd time he ran the card. 1. The first charge on my credit card was 216.58 which was credited to my account, after we first canceled our stay the first time. 2. There was not a guest registry to sign in when we arrived 3. We went to our room only to find the room in an absolutely filthy and at disgusting state. 4. The one and only bed in the room had no bedding on it, only a flat sheet that was just thrown over the mattress and was without a doubt not clean. It was so gross I didn’t even want to touch anything. 5. The pillows had no pillow cases on them 6. When we went to look at the bathroom there was no shower curtain, no clean towels, no toiletries, and dirty 7. We left the Hotel approx. 1:15 am at my best guess, maybe sooner. It didn’t take long to walk in and walk out of that Hotel. 8. When we went back downstairs to the Hotel Desk we had told the front desk clerk we were not going to stay in such a filthy hotel, To my surprise your employee wasn’t even surprised we were not staying. 9. The charge in question on my account is for the amount of 324.87. Imagine my surprise that not only was it higher than the original amount, but my account was not credited. 10. You might wonder why this letter has taken so long, well I first did the dispute with my credit card company and they were unsuccessful so here I am still fighting this charge from 7/23/2019. My husband and I both were afraid to touch anything in the room. It basically had the appearance of a hotel that was rented by the hour. We left the hotel room and went back to the front desk and informed the clerk that there was no bedding, no shower curtain, no clean towels, and just the overall filth of the room. His response was “I know and he gets that complaint a lot and he understood why we did not want to stay”. He proceeded to tell me he would cancel the transaction. I did not wait for proof of cancelation on my credit card due to I trusted he would take care of it. Unfortunately I was so tired all I wanted to do was find another Hotel in Monroeville that we could stay at and not be grossed out. Sadly, big mistake on my end to show trust. Upon leaving the Hotel 2 Police cars pulled up to the Hotel. When we told our family the next day what had happened, they informed us that the Police are always there due to the drug activity at that Hotel and the quality of guest that visit that establishment. You can imagine how long and frustrating this journey has been. Normally I just let things go, but this I just can’t let go. Not only am I continuing to fight this charge, I had to deal with my credit card number being stolen in Monroeville, PA. I know your probably saying this is unrelated, well I don’t believe it is. If you had the opportunity to see your Hotel and the quality of people that work and stay there, I have very little doubt in my mind that our information was stolen from that Hotel. I have not promoted negative reviews on any social media just because there is an opportunity to solve this and well personally I just don’t like to do it. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to solve any negative experience without the backlash of social media. I hope this letter helps you have a clear understanding on why we are continuing our dispute. We did not stay; the clerk told us he would void the transaction since he clearly understood why we could not stay in such a place. Thank you for taking the time to address this matter. Kelly Warshauer 9930 Burton Lake Court Las Vegas, NV 89148 [protected]@gmail.com

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